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I looked at last year's post, and the difference from the beginning of 2011 to the end is way more obvious than the difference in the span of 2012. But there are still changes, and it was fun for me to look back on the year with her this way. It was a really good one. <3

12 months of Sophie )
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Three apples up on top! Ryan is amazing. :)

We went apple picking today. It started raining on the way, but we did it anyway, and while it wasn't as pleasant as yesterday's sunny and breezy orchard visit (yes, we are going all out with the apples this week), it was fun.

I took this photo of Peter and Sophie and it is blurry, but I think it communicates something about what is pretty and soft about a rainy apple orchard:

Especially when it is small. :)

Now we are all in pajama pants - actually, I just looked at Sophie and saw she is not wearing any we are all COZY and it is rainy and dark outside. I am thinking it is a hot cider evening. I also want Pandora to make me a playlist based on "Wild" by Poe, or something similarly atmospheric. Maybe Tori's "Night of Hunters", but I think it's not quite time for that one yet.

Also, we have decided to sign a new contract with AT&T so I can get an iphone 4S, which you'll all be glad to hear about because then the photos I insist on taking and sharing will be better. (Seriously, the camera is the biggest reason I want to ditch my old phone. That and the fact that my old phone second-hand and held together with tape!) Now that I have decided to do this I WANT IT NOW.

Instead, I will make some hot cider. :)

hai thar

May. 25th, 2011 02:01 pm
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You know, days keeps happening and I keep not posting. I'm really enjoying life right now, but it is not particularly interesting. :)

So let's see. Kelly is in the process of moving into our basement. We just got our car repaired, hopefully the last for a bit in a long line of Expensive Things That Come Up (boiler! roof! car repair! that's like $9000 worth of fun over the past 6 months - no wonder we feel poor right now!) for a while. We'll hopefully pay that off next month and then save a little bit of money for the trip to Boston we want to take in honor of our 10th wedding anniversary (and Sophie's 2nd birthday, also in July).

Today was grocery day. We bought watermelon, honeydew, strawberries and grapes. I am just so excited to have warmer weather fruit. :) Local asparagus is happening, too, and I have an unreasonable love of asparagus. In other exciting news, our CSA farm is back on its feet enough after the barn fire they had this winter to be selling mesclun greens and arugula, gorgeous basil and teensy baby bok choy at City Market - and thus, we will have a salad tonight and look forward to the summer, when CSA deliveries resume. I am so happy that spring is here from a culinary perspective, not to mention all the other good stuff. :)

Because I am really not full of things to talk about right now, I will post some photos behind a cut - a better summary of my life right now, possibly, than words are.

phototacular )
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Taken at ECHO, in front of what we call the "big fish" tank. She's pointing out the fish, in case I did not notice. ;)

Yes, it's blurry because of the low light and my avoidance of flash, but I love this photo. She's so earnest and interested!
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Inspired by [Bad username or site: @]'s post, I bring you

12 photos in a year of Sophie )

Look how much my baby has grown! I miss her baby roundness, but I am enjoying her company more and more all the time. I know that is basically the most predictable commentary I could possibly offer, but it's totally true. Watching her grow up is bittersweet and amazing.
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Oh yes also:


That is my baby. I love her.

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AAAH. What does this face say to you? I can't quite translate. (PS this picture is from the family picnic we attended last weekend, wherein there was an ENORMOUS DOWNPOUR in which Sophie's head got wet and everything became extremely unpleasant, buggy, and humid. But, these conditions led to very cute curly hair on her head, yes?)

Also, from, because I am reading blogs while Sophie naps (omg): "Quick aside: we recently bought some furniture for our back patio for the sole purpose of spending our summer evenings out there as a family: the dogs running in the yard, Leta and Jon playing "princess and guard" around her swing set, and me in a chair feeding Marlo. One night after dinner I turned to Jon and said, "Shall we go outside and enjoy the evening?" And since then Leta has repeated some form of that question to us before we even take the first bite of dinner: are we going outside to enjoy the evening? Mom? MOM? We're going outside to enjoy the evening, right? TELL ME WE'RE GOING OUTSIDE TO ENJOY THE EVENING?! To the point that both Jon and I are all OH MY GOD SHUT UP WE ARE GOING OUTSIDE TO ENJOY THE EVENING.

And holy grape nuts, if we don't get out there and enjoy the shit out of the evening."

Leta here makes me think of Eleanor, because it is totally something she would say even though she is only (almost) 3. I think next time we are going out on the deck for dinner, we should let her know we are outside enjoying the evening. Then, we too will proceed to enjoy the shit out of that evening. Sound like a plan?

PPS - When next I have a free hour, should I a) dye my hair red again, b) dye my hair purple again. c) take a nap, d) take a bath or e) catch up on something I am wildly behind on and should be doing? I SMELL A POLL IN THE MAKING.
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If Flickr can keep it together, you should be seeing a photo of the most delightful coffee mug known to man. I got it at the craft fair this weekend - it was bargain binned, can you believe it? ;) Plus, now I can officially throw out my old broken mug that was uncomfortably close to falling apart suddenly. (Why was I still using that, again?)

We attempted to nest this weekend. It was hard without, you know, the necessary baby stuff, but we sorted baby clothes into newborn and bigger sizes and did some inventory, cleaned the car seat we got, and washed some things. After my baby shower this weekend, we're going to Buy More Stuff. As eternal as 2 months seems to me right now in terms of being pregnant, it is not so long in terms of spending money to buy things to get ready for a baby.

Parrot screaming, cannot continue thinking. Must go cover him before I go insane.
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Hey look, an ultrasound photo!

The ultrasound was actually super fun. Seeing movement was really cool, and all the parts (you can see brain and rib cage/spine and stomach etc. oh my!) I posted more info on the baby blog just a minute ago. I don't feel like typing it out again at the moment because I am tired but dude, it was cool, and things are good.

Feel free to inquire about what you're seeing and I will try to explain. It was all pretty clear when there was a moving image with context...the stills, however, are hard to interpret if you weren't there. ;)

The whole big strip, complete with clumsy labeling, behind the cut )
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This is me last fall - I didn't realize my hair was long that recently. It was kind of pretty, all red and long like that. But I don't miss it, at least not very much.

This is my last hour (or so) of being 26! But it's okay, I've felt more like 27 for a while now. You know how I'm going to spend my last hour of twenty-sixitude? Sleeping, that's how. (Oh hey, I guess it's not technically my last hour of 26. I was born at 6-something in the evening. But y'know, birthdaywise, this is it. :))

PS: my internet is fixed (obvs)! It is now quite fast and shiny! I look forward to trying it out more tomorrow. ;)
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(Eleanor this weekend, when we went apple picking)

(Benjamin this summer, in my parent's orchard)

Good night, y'all.
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* Banned Books week, and the lists of most challenged books and authors from 2007, are upon us. The lists are here. I was vaguely surprised by "Olive's Ocean" being on the list. I thought it was a beautiful book written by an author who seems to have a very strong understanding of the emotional lives of children, but I guess in among all the merits of the book I forgot about the brief mentions of sex. :P

* Dinner last night: brussel sprouts, halved and browned in butter with salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Turnips mashed with roasted garlic mustard, salt, and pepper. Tilapia baked with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice, and then topped with arugula wilted with lemon. Followed by Ben and Jerry's and a night-time walk on Church Street. Mmmm. :)

* I read "Living Dead Girl" while sitting in Borders yesterday. It's a novel that I read about on Bookshelves of Doom. I can't say I liked it, but I can say it was well-constructed...if the goal is to make it so you pick up the book and cannot put it down until you're finished, this book completely succeeded. It has to be read in one big inhalation, or else the nightmares are drawn out over several nights instead of just one or two. When I finished it, I sort of wandered around for a little while. I wasn't really sure what I had wanted to do anymore.

*It is grey outside, and I am a little pffffft. Something needs to be done. EDIT: I am going to go to Shawn and Meg's, that is what will be done. :)

* Here is a photo of a angry peacock, at the zoo in Granville or Greenwich or somewhere like that in NY. :)

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All day long I have been looking at this photo as I mess with the Flickr account, and grinning every time. Thus, I share with you. :)
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Upon finding myself listening to Jesse McCartney's "Leavin'" on repeat (yes, I know that's probably socially unacceptable or something, but I am shameless!) I started thinking about all the songs with lyrics that might be described as...ridiculous? that I okay honestly really enjoy in a deep, primal-sweet-spot sort of way. ;) And then I made a teeny tiny playlist. Wanna see?

1. Jesse McCartney - "Leavin'" ("Girl that thing you got behind you is amazing" <-- What a classy and vague way of referring to HER ASS Jesse!)

2. Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way" (Oh the entire song is completely nonsensical! Really, look up the lyrics, they don't MEAN ANYTHING. I read an interview with the Backstreet Boys at one point that openly acknowledged this. But man it is still shamefully fun to sing along with all alone in your apartment Sample lyrics: "Tell me why/ain't nothin' but a heartache/ain't nothin' but a mistake/tell me why/I never want to hear you say/I want it that way" WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN)

3. Miley Cyrus - See You Again (Does anyone besides us want to sing Corey Hart along with this song? Because Ryan, Kelly and I really, really do.) <-- "The last time I freaked out/I just kept looking down/I stu-stu-stuttered when you ask me what I'm thinkin' 'bout/felt like I couldn't breathe/you ask what's wrong with me/my best friend Leslie said 'Oh she's just bein' Miley" HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT IT'S SO RIDICULOUS

4.Usher - Love In The Club (The part in question is Young Jeezy, though)"It’s going down on aisle 3/ I’ll bag you like some groceries/And every time you think about it you gon’ want some more of me/About to hit the club, make a movie yeah rated R" Okay here is what gets me about that last part - you're going to have sex in a club and the associated movie is only rated R? Do you always have sex with the sheets covering the naughty parts? Come now, Young Jeezy. Think it through! (The Remix Pt. 2 with Beyonce and Lil' Wayne technically makes the list for Lil' Wayne's creepy voice telling me he'll "make it juicy for" me and that is just about the most unappealing way to put it that he possibly could have picked. Yes, I know that line is in his single too, but that does not make it any less creepy-sounding, especially given OMG HIS VOICE.)

5.Nelly - My Place "Sit yourself down and take a seat" comes to mind, as does "I heard your friend told a friend who told a friend of mine that you was thinkin; that we should do it one more time/if this ain't the truth then hopefully it's not a lie/'cause I ain't got no issues with hittin' that another time", and, my personal favorite "'cause you make my life so convenient for me" - how touching! Really, this song is greatness. It has laughable lyrics, set to an oh-so-smooth slow jam. Is Nelly serious? Is he joking? Either way, it kinda wins.

These, of course, are just a few examples, and do not include such extremely laughable but not actually *likeable* lyrics as Fergie's being "up in the gym just working on my fitness/he's my witness" or the unspeakable song we shall not speak of. Things like that song are unspeakable because they are not awesomely bad, as Slate points out, they are just really, truly bad in a bad way. That is not what we're looking for here, ladies and gentlemen. So, what are your favorite awesomely bad songs with awesomely bad lyrics? I kind of want to make a CD with a clever name.

And lest you worry about my health sitting here in front of my computer blogging about lyrics to hippity hoppity, don't fret: Today I consigned some clothing, bought bread at the local bakery, returned books to the library, and in the process biked all over town. Now I am trying to wrestle all of our photos up onto Flickr, for backup, organization, and easier display. It's turning out to be quite a task, so I may be here a while. Those awesomely bad pop/hip-hop songs? Recommend them so I can listen as I wrestle!
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This weekend, we went to Manchester, VT to go to the Northshire Bookstore with my parents and Emma, who turned 19 on the 2nd (thus, I am old, by the way). On the way there, we stopped at the gallery of Roy Egg. Now my dad had briefly explained this person before we went, but I had no idea what kind of wacky we were really talking about. Allow me to explain photographically.

That would be the outside of the gallery. It's right off the road somewhere in VT, and BAM CHECKERBOARD. Emma looks awfully calm for someone who is about to walk into THAT, doesn't she? :)

Join Emma, and the rest of us, in an exploration of the wonderful world of chicken-related art. )
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I am a social butterfly, dudes. Raina and Rob visited yesterday, then we went to Shawn and Meg's for the evening...then I got up this morning and called Kimberly, and we had brunch. I drove her to work (and out of Burlington for the last time before she left for Sudan today at 4:20), and then called Ms. Meredith aka [Bad username or site: @] from outside Kimberly's office. Mer was on the ferry when I called, and I arranged to meet her at 1:15. BOOM BOOM SOCIALIZATION. Here is a poor cell phone photo of our total awesomeness:

We went to Old Gold and it was a party. I think once I have money again I will go there and buy a crinoline petticoat skirt thing and wear it around town. Maybe with striped socks. Don't you think that is a good idea? :)

Olympics: Why are they torturing me by putting gymnastics on at my bedtime? And now interrupting what I expected to be gymnastics with Michael Phelps fangirling? (Michael Phelps is not fangirling. The coverage is fangirling him. Just to be clear, y'all.) I am going to bed. :P (Okay, he's beating world records now. I will wait until he's done. :))
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Ryan sent this to me this morning. Who knew lolcats could be so sweet? :)

Also, this photo of us is all grainy, but I like it anyway.

Happy Valentines Day, all y'all. :-*
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As I just wrote in an email: "Kelly and I are combating winter gloom with wholly unreasonable amounts of hula hooping. It's all fun and games until you have enormous bruises on both hips...oops. :)"

It seems I should be doing my hooping in compression...shirts, or enormous sweaters, or not for an hour at a time. Yes, in addition to that icky bruise, I am developing muscles of steel and a big strong cardiovascular system. Not to mention mad, mad hooping skills. Kelly and I are excited to possess the awesome powers that come with such skills, and hope to take our show on the road. Once our hips heal a bit.

PS - Yes, I am wearing an Outfit in that picture - it was New Year's Eve, see. And double yes, that is my new haircut, but it is my new haircut needing some serious work. I have discovered that it really needs a blow dryer to work properly, since that picture was taken. So, maybe someday you'll get a decent picture, but that day is not today.
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Hello, internet.

I don't know why a single glass of wine makes me want to REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE online, but it totally does. WHAT'S UP, friendslist?

Today I found a bunch of old photos from my early photos-on-the-internet days. I weighed nothing, and looked about 12. I had a grainy digital camera, did not know how to use photo editing software, thought black-and-white was the best thing ever, and enjoyed being half-naked in my pictures. Good times! But wasn't my hair fun when it was short?

Maybe I could rock that hair better nowadays. What do you think?
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We spent the day in Portsmouth yesterday. Now, to put off lesson planning, I bring you a photo post.

First, I bring you the creepiest Santa photo ever:

(please don't prove me wrong, I don't think I can handle more disturbing Santa imagery - though I'm sure the internet would provide far worse)

Phew. To clear your palate of that, I bring you the soothing, adorable imagery of fairy houses. Portsmouth just happened to be having a "fairy house tour" day, and there were materials for kids and their families to build fairy houses with all over the place. It was so cute, some of the houses were really awesome.

(This one was inside a big tunnel-y trellis covered with morning glories. You looked through one end and OH FAIRIES. :)

more photos oh boy )


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