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Last summer, my songs of constant repetition were "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado, "Sway" by The Perishers, "I Hear the Bells" by Mike Doughty, and "Lily Dreams On" by Cotton Mather.

This summer, those still get played a lot, but if you lived with me, you'd be super, super sick of Timbaland's "Give It To Me". Oh my goodness, guys. And Kimberly, I miss my dancing buddy. The booty-shakers just aren't quite as much fun alone. :)

I need a haircut, and to feel attractive, and to watch Ally. Say hi to my period! Also, I need a frickin' hero who paints libraries. Anyone?

So ends my gratuitous post. Go in peace.
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Notes on life:

Tomato with mozzarella and fresh basil is a pretty decent snack when it is hot.

Drinking water makes you feel good.

Listening to Sufjan Stevens, Feist, The Decemberists, and Stars all in one playlist, on repeat, is not a good idea if you don't want to randomly go through a period where you resemble a freaky, needy emo kid. If you do that to yourself, please, play "When You Were Young" by The Killers and jump up and down in your room until you feel better.

Biking uphill sucks, basically, but when you're done, you tend to feel pretty good. Once the sweat and the ear ache subsides. Plus, you get to bike back down the hill afterwards if you are lucky, and while that may scare the crap out of you if you think about it, it is super fun. I just realized that sounded like some sort of metaphor or something, but I totally don't mean it that way 0 Kimberly and I just actually did that in search of a baby bird Kelly saw in the road. We did not find the bird, but we did bike up and down the hill. Which sucked, and was also fun.

Showering after doing all of that is also good stuff. Especially if you get out of the shower and turn on the fan, and stand there until you dry off. And then have dinner and watch Ally McBeal with your lady friends. WHAT'S UP, LADY FRIENDS?

What shall I have for dinner, kids? Ryan and Kelly are gone for the evening, so I think Kimberly and I are going to make pesto or something maybe?

Time to enact the dinner and Ally portion of the plan. Smoochies to y'all. :)
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So, I skimmed my friends page all the way back to where I left off when we left on Friday, and let me tell you - you people were heavy posters over the weekend. 560 posts back, I found the beginning. And really, I blame the icon communities and VP, but still! Too hot to do anything else this weekend, huh?

I was in Ithaca this weekend, whooping it up with Ryan, Kelly and Kimberly and various residents of the 660 co-op. :) We got to see the Redbud Woods that Kimberly and company are trying to save - it's cute and small, but beautiful and friendly, and it is *not* going to get turned into a parking lot. Right? Yeah, I thought so. :) I will post pictures soon, so that you all can see it a little bit too.

And we went to the Nines and swam in a river and saw "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" together, and visited the farmer's market and the commons and oh boy I like Ithaca and run-on sentences. :) And also, I love my friends. You know I tend to be reclusive and antisocial so it means a lot that I love being with you, Miss Kelly Jean and Miss Kimberly Alicia, and you're good for me. You make me laugh (not that that's hard, but still!) and you help me take little risks, like swimming in the river with the water parasites and having a great time even if I whined about it. :) (I know they're not risks to you, and they are little and inconsequential really, but it's still bravery to me :)). And I loved having you in the car with us for hours to talk with about sex and life and each other and everything. So yeah, I love you. And we should live closer together someday (it's like a mantra, isn't it?) :-*

Last night we came home and took showers and my skin felt like skin again, and - get this! - it actually cooled down here at night, so that our apartment was COOL and we could sleep in a bed, touching even (!), without feeling disgusting. I hope it cooled off for you all, too.

Livejournal ate my morning, so I guess I should get back to reality. Now it is getting really hot again, and I have to go finish my cataloging homework. :P
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So, my Kimberly, aka [Bad username or site: @], is involved in a protest at Cornell to save a small forest from being cut down and made into a parking lot. There's an article about the protest in the NYTimes today:

(you have to log in to read it, but you can use username: ifmud, password: ifmud )

There's a website about the woods and the protest here, also. Kimberly has been in and out of a tree, on the phone with various important people, threatened by workers with chainsaws, and generally being amazing and running around like crazy for quite a while now, so I hope she saves the trees soon so she can get some rest! *hugstoKimberly*

In other not-so-news, I was tagged. And because Meredith told me to, I must meme. :)

Six Songs That I'm Into at the Moment

1. Shawn Colvin - Trouble (specifically, the live Lilith Fair version - much better than the album version, I think)
2. The Killers - Mr. Brightside (and really, the rest of the album :))
3. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
4. Dar Williams - Iowa
5. Tori Amos - Parasol
6. The Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends

I'm not tagging 6 people, as is the custom. Sorry. :P

The homework has been beaten down, at least partially, and partially is good enough for me for tonight. Wahoo. :) Goodnight, Livejournal!
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This is (approximately) the way the ocean looked the other night (on the night of the full moon). Pretty cool, huh? I know, I moved the camera just a little and the moon looks kind of odd, but I had to leave the shutter open a little bit longer to compensate for the whole night time thing, and that's what happens. I'm pretty happy about that picture, though. :)

So, Kimberly came to visit! We had a really good time. She took the bus from Ithaca and had to spend a couple of hours at Port Authority at like 2 in the morning, but she was still chipper enough to wander around Providence with me for half the day when she got in. We had crepes and took pictures and she got hit on by a Sharper Image cashier who wanted to know if her parking was taken care of (hee). We cooked and went to Crazy Burger and watched Napoleon Dynamite and Chocolat (and ate chocolate), and we made flowers to hang in our windows, like first graders. She got her hair cut and thought she hated it but then she didn't hate it after all (because it's cute). Today we handed her over to her friend, who is driving her back to Ithaca. I miss you, miss Kimberly!

Oh, I have started the rotation diet. It's a little rough because I haven't worked out the kinks yet, and I've been a little bit tired for the past few days - I assume due to the change? But we'll see what happens. I think I need to tinker with some things here and there, because some days are a little thin on choices.

And now, I have some taped television to watch, some homework to do, and some books to read. I am behind on LJ reading too and probably won't try to catch up, so if anything important has happened to you in the past few days and I've failed to notice, please let me know. :)


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