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Last night I dreamed about staying in this house with a flower garden that was by a stream that led to the ocean. The stream was in the side yard, sort of, and the ocean was out front. The house was haunted and I was scared when I was inside - it was dark and oppressive and there were voices in the upstairs, so I went outside and I tried to call Ryan but when I punched in the numbers they would come out all wrong. (Has that ever been used in a horror movie? Because it was really weird and scary in the dream. And at the same time, I was all annoyed - like, these frustrating ghosts, making it so damn frustrating to dial a freaking phone number. :)) And then the scary part was sort of in the background, and I was looking out the window at the stream and watching turtles walking around on the bottom. Someone told me a whale had gone up the stream and they kept trying to point it out to me but I couldn't find it - I could only see the turtles.

When Raina found out about the hauntedness of the house we were staying in, she said "Mom's going to see "Voices of Death" this weekend! And I said "Without us? *gasp" and boy, does it make me giggle to think of my mother going to see a horror movie, even if it was in my dream. :)

This post brought to you by my desire to at least attempt to remember my dreams so I can get back into the lucid dreaming stuff, but not actually ever remembering to write it down in a paper journal in the morning like I always mean to.


Jun. 18th, 2005 10:55 pm
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I dreamt last night about this guy who was trying to sell me a scooter, or a learn-to-scooter class, or maybe both, I don't know. My mom, I think, dragged me into his house to try his scooters, and I rode one across a room and back. Then he tried to convince me that I rode like "50 feet" on the scooters even though I knew I didn't, and he wanted to charge me for riding the scooter and also for scooter classes I didn't want to take. I was really, really angry about it in the dream, and I woke up with the feeling still fading. It's actually been sort of in the back of my head all day, all that anger in my sleep. I've had dreams like this before, where I am so angry I am screaming and swearing and generally freaking out - but usually I am arguing with my mother in the dream or something (heh) not some random guy who is trying to sell me scooters. I also worked in Crandall library in my dream, and that's all it was - I literally sorted and shelved books for what seemed like hours *in my sleep*. Why would I do this to myself? :) (I'm not actually angry, I swear - I think it's built-up tension from getting ready for the cataloging final stuff.)

So...I think we are going to go see Tori Amos (and Imogen Heap, who is opening!) at SPAC in August. It's a Tuesday night, which sucks because that means if we do it, Ryan will have to either take a few days off from work or do some work from there or something, buuut it's Tori and Imogen Heap, and the closest Tori gets otherwise is Boston (and in Boston, she is without Imogen Heap, who I want to see even though I only know one of her songs. It's that good!) Plus, SPAC tickets are cheaper, especially if we cheap out and sit on the lawn. And I've never been to a Tori show, *and* I recently vowed to see her next time I had the opportunity. So, yeah. That's also the week of the Washington County fair, so yay, and we wanted to be around then anyway because my first nephew might be born that week! (Everyone who knows David knows that now, right? If you didn't know and you should know, pretend you didn't see this and talk to my brother - but it's two months away now, so I think I'm safe! :))

Now I have to go shower, because it's almost midnight and I have been meaning to shower for like 2 hours now. :)


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