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2014-07-14 03:52 pm
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37 weeks yesterday, AND I have a 5 year old. :) It has been a busy week - lots of birthday fun. Today we are taking it easy, which involves Sophie playing with/reading her new birthday stuff and me laying down and drinking raspberry leaf tea. Because yeah - 37 weeks! While I am all for letting baby come when baby is ready, I'm making sure he feels invited to come AT ANY TIME NOW. Though this is also a week off of the topical steroid, so next week would be probably better. :p That said, if I had all the time in the world to myself I would be spending it eating (gluten and dairy free for at least one more week to see whether it helps my skin), sleeping, walking or swimming, drinking mama teas, doing yoga, having sex and taking evening primrose oil. And whatever else there is that encourages a ready baby to be born! As it is I'm just doing as many of those things as I can fit into a day and hoping 3ish weeks passes quickly. And that I manage not to get staph again in the meantime. :/

Baby is practicing breathing (I saw it on the ultrasound) and is in launch position. We are looking forward to meeting him...

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2013-10-31 10:58 pm
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This is Halloween

Sophie is Alice when she grows big inside the white rabbit's house. She and Ryan worked on the house together and it is very detailed. It even features a cucumber frame. :) She wore a lion costume this morning to go to a Halloween story time, and to go to the Halloween bike ride (which was awesomely fun).

We enacted our tradition of going to Erin and Jon's house for a pre-party and then going trick or treating together in a mob. :) Also a tradition: the one house on Catherine street with Jell-O shots for the grow ups. Hee. :) Ryan was a ghost, I was Rosie the riveter! It was super likely to rain, but it didn't and it was warm for Halloween - like in the 50s. Basically, it was awesome and I love this holiday.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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2013-07-25 10:34 pm
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Comedy recs, give them to me?

Ok, we've been watching New Girl and have almost caught up. This means I need a new half hour comedy. What do you all recommend? I love Parks and Rec pretty much entirely, I loved 30 Rock despite Pete and uneven quality, I loved Arrested Development but only liked/had mixed feelings about the new season. I usually like Portlandia, though not always - sometimes I just didn't laugh. I actually really like The Mindy Project a lot. I fell in love with New Girl and laughed a lot despite the sometimes problematic elements. I used to like How I met Your Mother but I am frequently pissed off by it now because fat jokes, sexism, and general tedium (they still haven't met the damn mother!!)

I kind of like my half hour comedies to be not-too-dark, because I tend to use them as unicorn chasers. That's not an absolute rule though. My tolerance for -ist bullshit varies, mostly depending on degree, how it's presented, and what the surrounding redeeming qualities are.

And now that you have a sense of the alarming amount of television I am familiar with, please recommend things to me!

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2013-07-08 10:13 pm
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4 is after 3

A few months ago, Sophie famously laughed at me when we were sort of jokingly discussing when she might stop nursing and I said "what about when you're 4?" She said "hahaha, 4 is after 3!" And even less time ago, when a couple of her friends weaned, she told me she wasn't ready to do that. But around the end of June, she told us, practically out of the blue, that she would wean on the third. She talked about how her 4th birthday party could be a weaning party then, and she made her plan. Of her own accord, she drew a smiley on her calendar on the third.

I didn't know if she'd go through with it. I didn't want to push or make it harder, so I mostly just waited to see. At bedtime she asked me to "scritch" her back, and then sit in the chair in her room while she fell asleep. And it took her a while, but she did it!

So in the morning she said it was hard and I told her I knew and I was proud of her. She hasn't nursed since the morning of the 3rd. But she's still having sad feelings about it. She's stuck to her plan, but she's obviously still struggling with it. I think since she decided herself, she must be ready, but it's been a little sad to see it end this way. I expected her to never to wean until she was completely over it and not emotionally invested anymore...I wasn't really prepared for it to be a more complicated thing than that.

So tonight, she was so tired, and in bed she said "Mama, I wish we had done an extra special last nurse on the day that I weaned." I told her what I remembered about the last nurse we did - and admittedly, it wasn't all that special. She said "Could we do one last special nurse?" I said I thought that might be confusing, and she just sort of sighed. I asked how she felt, and she said "it's tiring." She wanted the easy comfort of being nursed to sleep when she was so tired, I get that. But I also think she we right. We didn't do a loving, special send off, and I think that that might help bring some closure. So I think in the morning I will tell her that on her birthday in a few days, we will do one last special nurse, to say goodbye to it. I'm thinking her birthday because its obviously a special day, and she won't get the idea that this will happen on any old day...and it's also a happy, special day to mark the occasion. I will choose a time of day when she's awake so we can focus on it and not have it be about falling asleep. I hope this will be a positive thing, and help her to move on. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me. :) I don't think it will, though.

I'm writing this mostly as processing. But hey, it's a big moment! And here we are.

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2013-05-07 10:52 pm
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Lovely day

Today sophie was super intense and I was super tired...but, we went to her yoga and I went to mine, I bought awesome new yoga pants on awesome sale from the studio, and I made it all the way up the hill from Burlington Bay to downtown on Erin's bike when we went for ice cream after dinner. (Dinner was wild ramp pizza that I made - ohmygod so good! And getting up that hill is no big thing for most bikers, but I haven't been able to get up big hills in years so I am happy that I am getting stronger!)

So I'd say it was a good day. :)

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2013-04-14 09:33 pm
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Argh noooo

I was flossing Sophie's teeth tonight and I think I found another cavity in one of her back molars. I feel like the worst ever. :( OK, that's hyperbolic, but I do feel really bad about it. The dentist told me this might happen - we haven't done X-rays yet but he said there might be more hiding, that a bunch more might have formed at the same time, pre-flossing and flouride. But I still feel bad.

They're supposed to do X-rays at her cleaning appointment in June. I shudder to think of how many are in there. :( In the meantime, I am sad to have to break it to Sophie that I'm pretty sure there's another one already.

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2013-02-11 01:44 pm
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Sick days

Sophie was sick this weekend, with a fever that didn't quit and a runny nose. You can tell she was sick because this happened:

As in, she fell asleep against the palm of my hand at 10am in the living room. She said she was burning inside. :(

And now she is much better - like I would say cured, except that it's only been 24 hours and she says her ears are stuffy so like, knock on wood and stuff. But I have caught it. I am runny and gross, but have no fever. I kind of think her body is smarter than mine, making a fever! But I am trying to kill it without fevers, by taking my elderberry syrup and drinking tea and taking vitamins and whatnot. We haven't been sick all winter, so that's a refreshing change from last year, at least! And I am feeling pretty fortunate, since my friend's family had the flu for 14 ENTIRE DAYS. 14! We are totally lucky to have avoided that.

Stay healthy, friends!

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2012-12-24 10:08 pm
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Jingle bells jingle yay jingle good for you!

This is my possibly annual check-in from Ryan's parents house on Christmas Eve while everyone else is at church. Everyone but meeee, and sleeping children, and patrick who is sick. It is blessedly quiet and magical and yes, balm for my overstimulated introvert soul. Merry Christmas Eve, if you celebrate! Hearts to all. (And once the holidays are over and I have read my 75 goal books for the year heh heh, I'll be back! :))

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2012-10-24 10:09 pm
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Bovine entertainment

The cows are restless, people. This is not code: yesterday there were cows in the yard across from us, they got out of their field and were eating the yard and licking the neighbor's bike. This morning I heard a loud MOO as I got into the shower, and just now we heard NIGHT MOOING that was not coming from this episode of Fringe we are watching. Restless, I tell you. Are they planning something?

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2012-09-15 04:29 pm
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I thought the ocean, the ocean thought nothing

I have Atlantic ocean in my hair, people. (this made for sexier hair when it was long, now with short hair it is straight up funny looking. That is ok! It was well worth it.)

I went swimming and it was cold but so fun, and perfect green blue and clear! I was the only one swimming. Sophie made fairy house castles on the beach with her Gramma and I floated on the little waves. My lips taste like salt, and I got dressed under a towel in the's very nostalgic!

I am on my phone, so I will stop typing now. But here is a photo of the best most magical fairy house from the Portsmouth fairy house festival this morning:

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2012-09-04 02:33 pm
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"it's not sunny. Nice work, sky!" - Sophie

After months, no actually years of struggling with it, I finally took my nose piercing out this morning. I miss it already...but I also won't miss constant problems with it. But I am also sad! And I have a naked face. No more shiny! Bummed.

We also left for the library this morning without the bag of library books to return and then we left Sophie's baby doll there. Poor Joey joe joe jr. Shabadoo is alone and actually naked in the lost and found right now! So we're going back this afternoon.

In the good column, I bought a coconut this morning and it is perfect and the shell cracked right off easily and it is bright white and beautiful. I have eaten primarily coconut for lunch. :)

Also, our labor day weekend:

It was pretty great. Bike trail rides and dinner with friends and playgrounds and the beach! Also we accidentally caught the bike race in Burlington that we somehow always accidentally catch every single year. Sophie aspires to race on bikes one day. She says "there is a race of bikes. You can see it through a maze of crowd!"

Ok now I need food that is not coconut. Maybe.

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2012-08-19 06:20 pm
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Washing off the dust

Does anyone else feel dirty when they get home after a long trip? I do. It's like I need to shower off the car ride, or the elsewhere-ness of sleeping in a bed that isn't mine. Or, in this case, wash away the splitting headache. I took off my clothes when I got upstairs and felt as if that was the first step to getting the headache to go away.

I don't really know why I am writing this. Maybe it's the headache, maybe there is pressure on funny areas of my brain. But I've been away and the mere fact of it makes me feel dirty somehow, and it just struck me that maybe that's odd. Anyway ...shower now.

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2012-03-13 11:24 pm
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(no subject)

Today we went out without coats, played at the playground, and bought asparagus and strawberries at the store. (Yes, that's California's spring crop, but it is the vague beginning of seasonally appropriate spring things I love!) I even very briefly drove with a window down. That was perhaps a bit over zealous, but I was just so happy!

Ryan has been gone for 6 days for SXSW. We have missed him so much and I am so glad he is coming home tonight. That said, this really went just fine for Sophie and I. Kelly and my sisters kept me company at night a few of the nights, because I really do not like being home alone at night. I get super anxious. But the nights I was here alone with Sophie...I coped. And we filled
Our days very easily and happily. I even kept he house clean, since I knew I had a perpetual string of visitors. ;) I have more thoughts about my week, but I am typing from my phone in bed for some reason, and thus I should not develop any thoughts right now. :)

Good night, friends, and happy super early spring!

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2012-02-04 08:48 pm
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I am in bed with feverish Sophie. She is asleep after a long afternoon of mystery fever and crying a lot, no other clear symptoms she could verbalize. Sickness #475?

Meanwhile, we are working on getting her her own bed, to replace the crib she currently uses for nap and the first part of the night. I'm in the market for a comforter/quilt/duvet cover/ bedding set that is orange, red, brown and/or yellow, or some combination thereof, in a twin. If anyone has brilliant suggestions, do tell. Searching for kid bedding sets is a ridiculous, gendered waste of time mostly, and while I realize there are other approaches, ideas are welcome.

Okay so I had intended to make a post with more actual content, but it turns out typing with my thumb on my phone is kinda hard, so yeah. This is me, posting from a warm, cozy dark room, wishing you all a good sleep. Or, if you are [ profile] gemini7, a good, labor and birth if it's happening tonight!!

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