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After months, no actually years of struggling with it, I finally took my nose piercing out this morning. I miss it already...but I also won't miss constant problems with it. But I am also sad! And I have a naked face. No more shiny! Bummed.

We also left for the library this morning without the bag of library books to return and then we left Sophie's baby doll there. Poor Joey joe joe jr. Shabadoo is alone and actually naked in the lost and found right now! So we're going back this afternoon.

In the good column, I bought a coconut this morning and it is perfect and the shell cracked right off easily and it is bright white and beautiful. I have eaten primarily coconut for lunch. :)

Also, our labor day weekend:

It was pretty great. Bike trail rides and dinner with friends and playgrounds and the beach! Also we accidentally caught the bike race in Burlington that we somehow always accidentally catch every single year. Sophie aspires to race on bikes one day. She says "there is a race of bikes. You can see it through a maze of crowd!"

Ok now I need food that is not coconut. Maybe.

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