Mar. 13th, 2012

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YES, this is me campaigning on my own journal. That's because its' way too crowded over there and my computer CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH, but I am FULL OF ENTHUSIASM.

Yes, it is Leslie Knope vs. Abed in the comedy bracket. And yes, that does break my heart! (I have no Parks and Rec icons so my icon choice is a nod of respect to Abed, yo.) But my vote goes to Leslie this year because I love her so very, very much. Also, UTERESUS BEFORE DUDERUSES. OVARIES BEFORE BROVARIES. She can promise you free cookies on every street corner! She can give a perfect presentation while delirious with the flu! She's a very good dance fighter! She is going to make out with you, on your face.

Someone quoted a Tumblr (no author, sorry) over in the campaign comments that warmed the cockles of my little Knope loyalist heart:

"I’ve been thinking lately about the character of Leslie Knope, since some random bloggers have been complaining that she’s too saintly or something. (Which is so weird. She totally has TONS of flaws, it’s just that the show doesn’t think she deserves to be constantly put down for them, unlike how practically every other show on TV treats women. So maybe that’s why it’s confusing for people.)

"I think what I love about Leslie and her flaws is that they are all...childlike flaws, in what is somehow a very appealing way — she’s impulsive and passionate and feels everything intensely, so she loses her temper very unself-critically. I feel like post-puberty so many women are socialized to not express negative emotions, or at least to be really...circumspect or careful about expressing them.

"But the way Leslie Knope gets mad — man, that is the way a little girl gets mad. She is totally not worried about whether her feelings are legitimate, or whether she’s being unreasonable, or about anyone thinking she’s a bitch. She just scrunches up her face and loses her shit, and threatens to waterboard a teenage boy, or declares war on the country of Peru, or knocks files out of Mark Brendanawicz’s hands. I GUESS I’VE BEEN PRONOUNCING YOUR NAME WRONG ALL THESE YEARS, MARK BRENDANA-QUITS.

"Basically I feel like Leslie Knope (and, honestly, a little bit Amy Poehler) is what would happen if a girl was allowed to get through puberty with her real self intact, instead of getting relentlessly socialized to be whatever an acceptable woman is supposed to be, and that is kind of great."

VOTE KNOPE. Also, for God's sake stop it with that Sansa girl. THE STANS, omg. I understand stanning, I mean, come on - but the vote trading is so rampant and irritating and also this girl cannot possibly compete with the likes of Buffy and Zoe, I AM SORRY.

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Today we went out without coats, played at the playground, and bought asparagus and strawberries at the store. (Yes, that's California's spring crop, but it is the vague beginning of seasonally appropriate spring things I love!) I even very briefly drove with a window down. That was perhaps a bit over zealous, but I was just so happy!

Ryan has been gone for 6 days for SXSW. We have missed him so much and I am so glad he is coming home tonight. That said, this really went just fine for Sophie and I. Kelly and my sisters kept me company at night a few of the nights, because I really do not like being home alone at night. I get super anxious. But the nights I was here alone with Sophie...I coped. And we filled
Our days very easily and happily. I even kept he house clean, since I knew I had a perpetual string of visitors. ;) I have more thoughts about my week, but I am typing from my phone in bed for some reason, and thus I should not develop any thoughts right now. :)

Good night, friends, and happy super early spring!

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