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We finished Friday Night Lights the other night. I won't say anything spoilery because I hope the lot of you who haven't seen it will go watch it right this minute - I know, it's about football, but trust me okay? -but. I will just say that while I did not want it to end and I will miss the Taylors so much, I think the last episode was awesome. Every beat of it was perfect. And the ending was so satisfying, echoing one of my biggest Feels about this show: people might get put through the wringer, and it is about Real People With Real Problems stuff...but I don't know if I've ever seen a more affirming series, really. It's an interesting mix of realism and hopeful storytelling meant to leave you feeling stronger, somehow, eventually.

It grew on me pretty thoroughly, and I am full of Thoughts. And also deep love for Tim Riggins. I need to find some more FNL fan friends, I think. :)
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Let's talk about TV. I have started watching season premieres, and TV in general again, and oh boy.

House )

Glee )

Mad Men )

True Blood )

Gossip Girl )

Weeds, completely non-spoilery )

SO yeah, that's what we've been doing after the baby goes to bed for the past few days. Kelly came over last night and we played with Sophie until bedtime, then we watched a lot of TV and ate a lot of cheese. Good times. :)
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Dollhouse )

In real life news...well. Have you ever made the "sssh" sound for so long, repeated so many times, that it stopped making sense in the same way that a word starts to if you repeat it over and over?

I have. Actually, several times in the past few days.

Sophie is, however, quite delightful when she manages to not be crying and crying. (Because I realized I've never said here: I cut dairy out of my diet and that seems to have helped. But still there is colic, and possibly teething or reflux. So yeah.) She enjoys eating her fist, arching her back, being naked, leaning as if she might roll over, and staring at lights and windows.

I have seriously been trying to write an LJ post for like...two weeks. If I had had time, I am sure you would hae been fascinated by what I posted. ;) But so many times, I had something half-written in this box for several days and then just deleted it because it was so old, and now, here we are. I catch up with TV and baby news, of sorts. Sorry. ;)
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It is getting to be finale season, and thus, I write about TV. Spoilery stuff behind cut tags, no worries.

House )

Scrubs )

People, if you are not watching this show because the first 5 episodes annoyed you or because the premise is creepy or whatevs, PLEASE TO BE TUNING IN NOW. As predicted, the minute Joss took back the reins, things got way better. Now it is awesome. Finale is tonight, plz to be watching on the off-chance we get a second season? Pretty please? KTHNX. Also, Hulu views supposedly count for something, so if you can catch up this afternoon, you should. If you need to abbreviate, I suggest watching ep 1 and then skipping to ep 5. After that, you probably need to continue in order, if possible.

Bones )

I am behind on Gossip Girl by an episode or two, but look what I found: WHAT CHUCK WORE, a blog of...what Chuck wears. “Hell yeah these pants are red. Look how red my pants are! Nate could never wear pants this red. Nate doesn’t have enough personality for pants this exuberant, this delightfully whimsical. Though maybe I shouldn’t have gone with the green socks. Wait - what am I thinking? I’m Chuck Bass. Of course I should have.” This same blog has a link to What Claudia Wore, which deals with the fashion choices of one Miss Claudia Kishi, of Babysitters Club fame. Hee!

Okay phew TV related update over. FOR NOW.
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In catching up with the current season of Supernatural, we just got to the episode with Jensen doing "Eye of the Tiger" at the end. HEE. Since the middle-to-end of S3, Ryan has quietly taken to watching with me, and he HEE-ed just as much as I did. :)

Something fun and pregnancy related that I forgot to say before, cut for the pregsqueamish )
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Does anyone else ever watch any of "Everyday Italian" on the Food Network? Why does practically every single phrase that comes out of Giada DeLaurentiis' mouth sound so porntastic? She's not just enjoying that mozzerella cheese, she's *really into* that mozzerella cheese. When she tastes something and then talks about how great it feels in her mouth, I start to think she's doing it on purpose. Actually, her always-perfectly-displayed cleavage add to that feeling, too. Yet she seems so innocently interested in showing me how to cook things. She's a bit confusing, that minx.

yes we did

Jan. 20th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Brought to my attention by the internet:

FOX News brought some very classy analysis to the inauguration proceedings. Behind a cut in case you don't want your inauguration buzz sullied by cluelessly racist remarks: )

We just watched the inauguration downtown, at The Scuffer. Nectars was our original destination, but it was full with lines out the door. By the time we got our lunch, Scuffer's was full too! There was much clapping and cheering and probably taking long lunches. :) I don't know about everywhere else, but here, today is essentially a state holiday. Happy Obama Day, everybody. :)

PS: For posterity, my favorite CNN commentary from when we were watching, paraphrased because I've already forgotten the exact wording: "That's Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger (the pilot who landed that plane in the Hudson)...he's a real American hero. They always invite Real American Heroes to these kinds of events."


Sep. 3rd, 2008 09:47 pm
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The S4 House finale just completely wrecked me. I am broken, and I was not prepared. I have a whole friends list of TV watchers, and real life TV watchers too. Where were you people, preparing me? (Shawn, I know where you were, but still. :P) I am afraid to watch TV ever again.

That said, I think I have Gossip Girl 2x01 to watch, and maybe I should, to make me forget the pain. Nothing on Gossip Girl will ever be that intensely sad. It's too fluffy and pretty and shiny. (Right?!)
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House 4x05 )

Look, VP (and VP's Melissa Freakin' Martin aka [Bad username or site: @] is sort of a little bit famous today:

Also, after reading [Bad username or site: @]'s superfabulous post about Stephanie Myers and her sparkly books of doom AKA the Twilight series, I a) laughed a lot and then b) cringed when Smeyer's "The Host" appeared at the library for me. I should really read it and see if the Snarkability endures in her adult novel. Anyone know? Meanwhile, I'm not sure I want to be seen in public with this book. ;)

OK time for housing some more House.
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The WGA strike is showing - our TiFaux (it's a TiVo, but not!) is not set to record much of anything for the next...unforeseen amount of time. I was reading EW's Best TV moments of 2007 and got a bit overly excited over this one, much like the writer did. In fact, I did a dramatic reading for Ryan, and got applause. ;)

"Remember the way she switched her gaze from Rory to Luke and the tone of the song changed completely and how that spoke volumes about her adult life? Remember when her voice kind of frogged a little when she got to the line ''I'm not what you ne-ee-ee-eed''? Remember when she looked like a darted deer at the end before scooting off the stage and how in the audience it looked like Liz Torres the actress and not Miss Patty the character had to clutch at her heart in disbelief? It was that powerful, people!(...)But see, she started off singing it to Rory! She was drunk and was using drunken jazz hands. And then — and then! — Luke walked in, and he was half smiling...and okay, in the light of day, after the wine has worn off, I see that maybe my enthusiasm might seem a little overwrought. But Graham's face was doing that vintage crumbly chin thing and she really can sing and Luke's jaw went all clenchy and she wishes him joy and happiness!"

In a season of not a lot of good, that was good. And as I look at my nearly empty TV recording queue I miss the good old days of the Gilmore Girls, when things were consistently enjoyable and you didn't want to throttle anybody so often. Maybe I need to do a mini-marathon of quality Gilmore Girls episodes, one of these days.

Speaking of that roundup of good TV moments...there were a surprising number of reality crapfests in there. It was disturbing. But, "A Dog Took My Face and Gave Me a Better Face to Change the World: The Celeste Cunningham Story" got a mention, so it's all good. ;)

In other linkage, I stumbled across these BSG propoganda posters via [Bad username or site: @], and Neil Gaiman blogged about BPAL. Specifically, he mentioned an as-yet-unreleased SNOW GLASS APPLES oil, which causes a person to smell like "sexy vampire apples", and I love "Snow Glass Apples", okay? Eeep!

Lastly, the Bad Baby Names Blog, where you will find such gems as:
"I REALLY like the name Raegan for a girl. It is VERY important to me that the middle name has Leigh in it somehow. Which sounds best??
1. Raegan Molleigh
2. Raegan Presleigh
3. Raegan Baileigh"


"Praline Cecelia?
I love the name Praline I am just not sure it sounds good with Cecilia. I need some opinions on whether it sounds good or some other first names that would go good with Cecilia. We also have 2 boys Kiefer and Ezwrin so we need another unique name."


And now I am off to work on a couple of SEKRIT PROJECTS, and then, depending on how generous I am feeling, I will go to the kids' vocal concert at school.
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*clears throat*

Allow me to join in the fandom freakout of the year.


Also: "Oh, and P.S. to all you fans of writer/producer Tim Minear (Angel, Wonderfalls, Firefly, Drive). He tells us: "Joss has pathetically begged me to be involved. And I hate to see a slightly younger man weep like a girl. So I said, 'm'kay.' I'll be playing with dolls one way or t'other."


Go forth and be merry.
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First things first: Today is Vaginapagina's 6th birthday (and I stayed up semi-late last night Photoshopping frosting-splooge off that cake photo in its honor, and then poorly drawing on the little kid candles - that is how much I love VP. :))

So, life update: not a lot is going on. I'm busy at work and I'm feeling a lot more on top of things then I ever did before, which is nice. We have propane again, after nearly two weeks without it! I look forward to frying an egg in the morning, and I made pasta just because I could. I'm kind of just...busy, but not interesting, right now.

Things I need to do:
*learn to speed read
*get better at Scrabble (Ryan has beat me soundly and repeatedly in the past few days)
*catch up on a big ol' Google Reader backlog
*order the things for the thing at school
*find out why I received table legs, but no table tops, also at school
*become interesting before my Livejournal devolves into list-making posts OOPS

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Supernatural S1 - does it get better? I just finished disc 2, and while I'm having some fun, I am not enamored and I have some complaints.

If you are a Supernatural fan, please counsel me. )
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Notes on life:

Tomato with mozzarella and fresh basil is a pretty decent snack when it is hot.

Drinking water makes you feel good.

Listening to Sufjan Stevens, Feist, The Decemberists, and Stars all in one playlist, on repeat, is not a good idea if you don't want to randomly go through a period where you resemble a freaky, needy emo kid. If you do that to yourself, please, play "When You Were Young" by The Killers and jump up and down in your room until you feel better.

Biking uphill sucks, basically, but when you're done, you tend to feel pretty good. Once the sweat and the ear ache subsides. Plus, you get to bike back down the hill afterwards if you are lucky, and while that may scare the crap out of you if you think about it, it is super fun. I just realized that sounded like some sort of metaphor or something, but I totally don't mean it that way 0 Kimberly and I just actually did that in search of a baby bird Kelly saw in the road. We did not find the bird, but we did bike up and down the hill. Which sucked, and was also fun.

Showering after doing all of that is also good stuff. Especially if you get out of the shower and turn on the fan, and stand there until you dry off. And then have dinner and watch Ally McBeal with your lady friends. WHAT'S UP, LADY FRIENDS?

What shall I have for dinner, kids? Ryan and Kelly are gone for the evening, so I think Kimberly and I are going to make pesto or something maybe?

Time to enact the dinner and Ally portion of the plan. Smoochies to y'all. :)
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We spent the day yesterday exploring the trails behind the school. There's some nice nature to be found there. :) We walked in the woods, the wetland area, and found some wild leeks. We also stopped to play in the stream for quite a while - we built a bridge out of rocks and found some freaky spiders. I got a teeny tiny sunburn on my face (and then came home and ordered new organic sunscreen, so no worries). Then we played frisbee in the yard. I am digging this warm weather thing!

In other warm weather news, our garden is all sprouty! Even though there have been a couple of light frosts, things seem to be going along fine (knock on wood). The radishes are up, and the dill is peeking out. There are also enormous bullfrog tadpoles in the pond. ENORMOUS. Last night, we heard a bullfrog in the swamp across the street that sounded like it was the size of a house. ;)

VM: UnAmerican Graffiti )

Gilmore Girls - Lorelai? Lorelai? )

And now I should go check VP, and maybe post some icons, and get ready for school tomorrow. Even though it totally feels like summer, yo.
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So, FOX being FOX, The O.C. has been cancelled, in this, its best season in 2 years. Had this particular announcement taken place last year or the year before, I would have been cool with it. I would've been with them, even - this show was *awful* for a while. But now that it's COMPLETELY AWESOME AND ADORABLE and I love everyone again and TAYLOR IS HYSTERICALLY FUNNY, NOW, they're cancelling it.

Whatever, FOX - I'm used to your abuse by now. You've hurt me many times before - see "Firefly" and "Wonderfalls", and "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT"....yeah, I've been burned. But Sandy Cohen has a righteous anger-face. You best be watchin' out.
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HOW MUCH DOES THE O.C. RULE RIGHT NOW? A LOT, THAT'S HOW MUCH. Sorry, I just caught up and I am feeling the love.

I mean, Marissa who? Taylor rocks my freaking socks. And and and and and.

Meanwhile, life is good. I made gingerbread today! It is super spicy and mmm. I also made a couple of Super Sekrit Gift Orders. I have knitting to do which means I have to watch lots of TV so I'll sit down and get it done - rough, huh?

Okay so, I planned on actually writing something, but suddenly I'm experiencing a bout of ADD, and must go update my userpics, watch 30 Rock, and knit instead. Toodles!


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