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People have asked, so: I liked my therapist. Choosing one was hard, because so many seemed (I keep saying this word) dippy, or just wrong for me. This guy is, I think, worth the drive and the money (which, regrettably, are both significant). He is insightful and sharp, affirming without feeling like he's Affirming Me (I don't know how else to say it, really), and reassuringly professional where other people I researched seemed very touchy-feely in their approach. He is open-minded and has a clue, and he doesn't make me feel like I am being "therapied" - I remember sometimes, my therapist in college would ask questions or say things where I knew exactly what he was doing and it took me out of the intended experience, at the very least. Now, I've only had the one session, but I can see him being very helpful, and I think I will actually get a lot out of this.

People have also asked, and while I won't go into exhausting detail, I'll summarize: I'm okay, I'm myself, and nothing bad is going on. Some of this is seasonal, some isn't. It's just that I can see, lately, that I still have a lot of unnecessary fear in my life, and I could be handling things better and enjoying pretty much everything in my life more if I had better coping strategies for dealing with my naturally high level of anxiety. I imagine threats when they aren't there, I get upset and fearful about things I can't control (right down to really silly things, but big things like Life Plans too) and I don't know how to handle my feelings when there is an actual danger or risk. I am much braver than I used to be, but by becoming braver, I have also changed the landscape of my fears, or maybe just discovered a layer of anxiety I didn't really realize was there. I'm glad, actually - uncovering a layer of Stuff means I can fix it, and be a happier and better person. I just need some help to do that, hence the, you know, help I hired. :)

Okay, therapy talk finished, for now. Thanks for caring, everybody. :)

I got new yoga pants, and they are so awesome I can't even tell you. I think I'll maybe do some yoga in them today. :) Happy Friday.


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