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Threadless t-shirts $9-$12 on sale! I link this partially because I know some of you will want to know and partially because if you follow my link I get credits if you buy stuff. (Full disclosure, yo.) I totally don't need anymore damn t-shirts...unless they're free or practically free, right? ;)

Other sales, which I link only because they're there:
Also, I can't afford Equita things even at 50% off right now, but dude, Equita's entire body section, including clooooothes, are 50% off. Organic, eco-friendly stuff for...still a lot of money, but less! And some of it isn't bad, actually. Maybe some of you can take advantage.

I've never used Hard Candy makeup, but at 75% everything, maybe some of you would like to, huh? There's a whole vegan section, if you are of the vegan persuasion.

That's all I've got, go spend money with glee.
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I have this...habit? where I go and shop obsessively for clothes online (sometimes other stuff, largely clothes and shoes and things I don't usually buy) and I put them in shopping carts and then kinda never actually buy anything. What I actually buy tends to come from either the thrift store, Target or something equally mundane and arguably evil at some point in the chain, or something organic and Swedish (hi, Hanna Anderssen). But. These are the things I *wish* I bought.

Want to see what I'm looking at today? Well of course you do!

Is this not the prettiest sweater you ever did see?

In case you so totally do not want to see pretty pictures of pretty clothes OMG! )
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If'n you read my previous post and you're a curious BPALaholic in the making, I encourage you to check out this post by [Bad username or site: @], who has helpfully written a guide to Beginning BPAL.

My scent recommendations, especially for beginners to try when they don't know what they like? look back here! )
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OMG. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has put up a NEIL GAIMAN themed update, with perfume oils based on characters from "Anansi Boys" and "American Gods" - profits from which go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (which helps uphold 1st amendment rights for comic book writers/artists and others). It's like a fandom collision! My Paypal balance is not enough to fund the need, but I'm going to do my best. ;) Seriously folks, if you're Gaiman fans, or BPAL fans, or comic book fans, or even just fans of free speech and smelling good, check out the awesome. And spread the word. :)
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Hey kids,

Check your Amazon Gold Box today - they have Arrested Development Seasons 1-3 for $33 TOTAL. If you have not seen AD, NOW IS THE TIME.


/public service message


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