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Jan. 20th, 2009 01:37 pm
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Brought to my attention by the internet:

FOX News brought some very classy analysis to the inauguration proceedings. Behind a cut in case you don't want your inauguration buzz sullied by cluelessly racist remarks: )

We just watched the inauguration downtown, at The Scuffer. Nectars was our original destination, but it was full with lines out the door. By the time we got our lunch, Scuffer's was full too! There was much clapping and cheering and probably taking long lunches. :) I don't know about everywhere else, but here, today is essentially a state holiday. Happy Obama Day, everybody. :)

PS: For posterity, my favorite CNN commentary from when we were watching, paraphrased because I've already forgotten the exact wording: "That's Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger (the pilot who landed that plane in the Hudson)...he's a real American hero. They always invite Real American Heroes to these kinds of events."

Obama sez:

Nov. 4th, 2008 09:47 pm
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Not that I'm not sitting here watching projections by peeking through my fingers in terror, but yeah. :)
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I have been really enjoying reading this blog, called What To Expect When You're Aborting. She's aborting, she's nicknamed the fetus The Tumor, and it's all great. (As long as you're not offended by her failing to be the least bit apologetic about this, which I myself am absolutely not.)

"We’re pro-choice, but on this, we’re conflicted. And if you’re not, you’re surer of your ideals than we are."


I guess I am a lot surer of my ideals than they are, folks. (Sometimes I get nervous about people who are that sure of any belief. That's how you get the radical right-wing religious people who want to make laws about what *I* am allowed to believe. But I think there is one important difference: I want to legislate a woman's right to have an abortion if she wants one, not a woman's requirement to have an abortion if she gets pregnant.)

"...the ladies of our mothers’ generation and our generation fists tighten and fangs show when the term is uttered: We’re ready for a fight.

While I do want to de-stigmatize the word, I’d also like de-politicize it. I’m not making a political statement by getting an abortion. I’m just trying to get unwanted thing out my pristinely young womb!

All alternatives feel equally as crappy

“I’m getting an abortion” – I’m also getting gay married, burning a flag, and becoming a radical Islamic cleric.

“I’m ending/terminating the pregnancy” – ugh I don’t even want to say

“I’m choosing my choice!!” – paging Charlotte York.

I’ve settled on corrective womb surgery."

In unrelated news, I have been sitting around being allergic all morning, but it's about time I went out and had fun. I was sorta hoping the sun would come out first. :-/
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Smantha Bee, folks.

"Jon: Right. But in many ways Governor Palin is the ideological opposite of Senator Clinton.

Samantha: Oh yes, but she's her gynecological twin. You see the thing is. Let me explain. They both have vaginas ...

Jon: Yeah, yeah. No, no. I understand. I understand. But Senator McCain is somebody who voted against equal pay for equal work.

Samantha: Boobies. They both have boobies.

Jon: But both Palin and McCain believe that Roe v. Wade should be over turned.

Samantha: Ow, ow, ow. Can you just stop overloading my lady brain? John McCain chose a woman who is almost completely unprepared for the job and who disagrees with me on every core value I believe in, but I will be voting McCain in November because he understands. Woman don't vote with the big head. They vote with the little hood. Am I right ladies? You're with me!"

Samantha Bee also interviews people who feel that Bristol Palin's pregnancy is a non-issue because, you know, it's her decision to make and politics shouldn't be involved in her what's-that-word-oh-yes-CHOICE.

In closing, I kind of love the Emo for Obama pin.
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You know what, folks? I don't care if Sarah Palin ever smoked pot, or what sort of t-shirt she wore unless she was recently photographed wearing a KILL ALL POLAR BEARS t-shirt or something. I don't even think it is particularly wise to be discussing unproven rumors regarding who was pregnant with who in her family, etc. etc. Here's what I do care about. )

Jezebel raises a good point regarding all of this:

"...when liberals and progressives pounce on rumors like this one about Trig's "true" parentage...or rumors about Republican politicians' sexuality (in the absence of crimes committed) we are conceding that conservatives are right, and personal choices do qualify or disqualify one for certain aspects of participation in public life... We are accepting their terms, their definitions of appropriate private behavior, and attempting to use those definitions to defeat their candidates. And once we do that, even if we do "take down" Sarah Palin or whatever Republican candidate in order to protect gay rights or reproductive rights or educational rights, then we've lost on those issues anyway because we've conceded that the underpinnings to the Republican positions on those issues is valid.

So, please, stop. There are dozens and dozens of legitimate reasons to oppose Sarah Palin... Let's focus on those legitimate reasons as to why people should oppose Sarah Palin and the McCain-Palin ticket rather than trying to be the next Karl Rove because, as Dan Rather might say, when you wrestle with a pig (i.e., shitty rumors like these), all you get is shit on you and the pig kind of likes it."

A local thing that keeps coming up that I also wish people would stop making an issue of: the name of our new neighborhood pizza place. Yes, people are up in arms because it is called Bite Me Organic Pizza. Now when I saw the name, I said something along of the lines of "that is adorable and made of win" but apparently, people think it is vulgar (what) and impossible to explain to children (um hello unimaginative neighbors - the pizza wants you to bite it, that is the whole point!) and generally in bad taste. Never mind that this particular establishment took a run-down looking space in our neighborhood and made it look reasonably nice, while providing us with organic pizza made with largely local ingredients and efforts at sustainable energy use, etc., all available for quick delivery - no, we have to get all bent out of shape over "Bite Me". I suppose there are situations in which I might get bent out of shape over a business name. I could sympathize with angry parents if they'd named the shop FUCK ME PIZZA, or maybe even KILL ALL POLAR BEARS PIZZA, but honestly, do businesses not have the right to be called whatever they want? If you don't like it, don't go there, but please stop annoying me with your discussions of your "righteous anger". Thanks. (I guess I am contributing to the chatter, but not on the same forums, so I guess I'm also not perpetuating the dramarama.)

In other Bite Me news, we got our first pizza there last night. Very nice owner guy (also started Red Square, Metronome, and 1/2 Lounge), convenient and pleasant 5 minute walk from home, and awesome pizza. There are like 14 pizzas I really want to try now. I mean look, at this PDF of the menu! It's not a final version, but you get the idea of the coolness. Plus they are planning on doing delivery of pizza, movies, ice cream, and other stuff so that in the winter, you can call and have them deliver your entire evening's entertainment. I thought that was kind of a fun idea.

Rants out of my system for now, if you don't count the MY EYES ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY AND I CAN'T WEAR CONTACTS RIGHT NOW frustration or my MY STINKING BACK IS A DISASTER issues...yeah. ;)

(Topical-ish icon alert! When does BSG start again? Next April? 2012?)
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Link city! Because I am kind of out of it and thus am sitting here reading things for a bit.

First, because it made me laugh, this post, written by a woman who decided to spend one week (IIRC) living by the advice of womens' magazines (inspired to do so by a self-helpish book written by a woman who claims to have changed her life and become a whole and happy person by doing the same).

"...immediately I see a list of impossible demands. Take your Brain Shopping! Linger over Love Time! Say Goodbye to Fungi! Stop Stress Making you Fat! Think Yourself Happy! Wear a Romper Suit! Decode Your Sex Dreams! Feng-shui Your Arsehole! (OK, I made the last one up.)

And the more I stare at the pages, the more surreal the advice becomes. Cosmo suggests I stop emotionally dumping on my cat: "Is Your Cat Your Counsellor?" Prima suggests that, when tidying, "gather up items left downstairs and take them all up in one go". Thanks Prima! There is, according to Company, a correct way to board a plane. Step 4 is to "eat an avocado"."


This, just because I never thought I'd see Young Jeezy and John McCain discussed in the same article, and because this made me laugh:

"But there's another story here. You see, the love goes both ways: McCain's been telling people that he dug the music he saw Usher and Jeezy rehearsing on SNL that night. "Very talented. Very good," he's said. "I was very impressed." The song that impressed him so deeply, of course, was none other than "Love in This Club" — a smooth, catchy ode to having sex in public spaces. Scandal! So it's time to come clean. Does Sen. McCain now want, or has he ever wanted, to make love in this club? Moreover, has he ever made love, to a thug, in a club, with his ice on? The people want answers."

John McCain enjoys "Love in This Club". I love it! I also totally love that Jeezy made a whole video explaining to us that he REALLY TRULY DOES NOT SUPPORT MCCAIN, he just...found him inoffensive to be in a room with? They hung out that one time? "I fucked with that guy" is not generally how I would put that, personally, but sure.

Meanwhile, you can check out the Top 10 Songs lists submitted by McCain and Obama to Blender magazine. Because these tracks will totally tell you what kind of leader each would be and thus make you a smarter voter. Or because I don't know whether it's cool or lame that Obama put "Yes We Can" by on his list. Either way!

I found out about Dirty Librarian Chains the other day. Too bad they are way out of the price range affordable by a real live librarian. ;)

I also found out that Burlington participates in the Bicycle Benefits program. I went and bought a sticker for each of our bike helmets, so now I can get discounts from participating local businesses when I bike there. 15% off Ben and Jerry's!

The Twilight Manifesto is wanktacular fabulousness that might make you point and laugh even if you don't know a darn thing about the Stephanie Meyer teen novels in question. These are fans who seem to be attempting to argue that the 4th novel in the series is legitimate canon (yeah, duh) but they are doing so in a fashion that vaguely suggests that they believe the books ARE ACTUALLY REAL, and that really lends itself to two word capital letter freakouts with 3 exclamation points after them. And this, my friends, is what this LJer has done for us. For example:

"Jacob Black continues to be a great character. He is not a pedophile.


PS - I would be happy to give public statements for any of you, stating that you continue to be great (if this is so) and are not a pedophile (presumably true of all of you :)).

Lastly, a ad campaign that belongs in that "Killing Us Softly" documentary about women in advertising: Wrangler - WE ARE ANIMALS. The ads are creepy and might be triggering, because I guess Wrangler thinks their jeans look great on wet, dead-looking women.

Okay that's no fun as a last item. Let's see what I've got...oh right, the Halloweenie BPAL update! I was doing okay until I got to the Sleepy Hollow inspired oils, and then oh dear. Time to sell off some decants like I threatened to before, so I can get a bottle or two. Not that all other BPALers in the world aren't doing that right now too, but...:)

Time to go. Ryan is on his way home a bit early and we're going to hang out.
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I have had this half-written rant hanging around for a couple of days, so I'm going to finish it and post it just because I am still hearing about it all the time. What are we ranting about today?

Hillary Clinton "crying".

People, I cannot believe how much I am hearing about this. A little crack in the voice, and everyone's all up in arms. Allow me to list my complaints.

John Edwards jumped all over the chance to make this thoughtful statement: "I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are tough business, but being president of the United States is also tough business." Yes John, we know you have a penis and therefore would never cry. Tears obviously equal weakness. Way to represent the most stereotypical viewpoint one could possibly take on this issue.

Of course, this statement is not specifically sexist - he doesn't refer to her gender. It's just implied. And it's such a patronizing thing to say that I just can't see it any other way. Obama, meanwhile, said something classy about how he knows the race is a difficult process and he doesn't feel a need to comment. And that's why he's what he is, you know?

Also, if any male candidate had done precisely the same thing, or perhaps even actually shed tears, people would have been inspired by their passion. When a woman does it, it's an issue of either weakness or manipulation.

Speaking of which, were the tears genuine or not? Who cares! Acting a little is not the worst political sin I can think of. I feel many people need to get some perspective, here. I'm pretty sure the emotion was genuine, and completely reasonable, too.

That's another thing. This woman cannot win. Most of the time, she's characterized as cold and hard, unfeeling, unfeminine, etc. But the second she demonstrates just the teeniest bit of emotion, which people criticize her for lacking, she's suddenly a wimpy, emotional little girl. Or she's calculating and manipulative, crying to get votes.

I saw some bloggers criticizing the people (women, especially) who voted for her because she cried. I don't really believe most people voted for her because she cried. If people were swayed by emotion, I think it had more to do with their own feelings about that dichotomy, and how public opinion about Hillary reflects where women really are in our culture. During a discussion about the primary, a sixth-grader told me about a sign in a local store that says "Hillary: Two fat thighs, two small breasts, and one left wing." (His class and I had a long conversation about that sign, and political discourse, as a result.) It's still fair game to dissolve everything you think about a woman down to her body as a piece of meat, just because you're not a fan of her beliefs or politics or whatever. It's okay to talk about a woman who is obviously very intelligent and competent (regardless of whether you like her or not) as if she is a clueless weakling, just because she cried a little. That is where my emotion on this issue comes from.


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