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Pico, our parrotlet, was dead in his cage this morning. We don't know why - he looked fine, and he hadn't been acting unusual in any obvious way. It is a sad day over here. I mean, he was driving us completely insane with his high-pitched yelling and crazy fit-throwing, and we complained about him. But still, we are sad. He used to climb around in Ryan's shirt! He talked like a robot!

Combined with feeling sad, I am feeling guilty, because he had not been getting any attention from us lately due to having hands full of baby, and he spent more time covered than I care to admit so that Sophie could sleep. Honestly, we have been considering finding someone else to take care of him for a while now, because we knew we were not doing enough for him or for Petrie. I never could quite bring myself to find a stranger to take him, though. So here we are, and it's too late anyway.

It is oddly quiet in the house today, and Petrie is very quiet, too. He seems fine, though, or as fine as he ever seems. I gave him an orange slice to eat and he totally cleaned it out, and he looks normal despite his ragged appearance (he's a plucker). I wonder if he's feeling lonely though, without his loud little friend.

Poor Pico. :(
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So, I haven't yet pre-ordered "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", and I don't actually have much spending money right now. This means I may be behind the times for a while. All y'all better post your spoilery thoughts behind cuts, y'hear? ;) Of course, I want to participate in the mass read-n-squee, so I'll try to get it sooner rather than later. I'd like to order it from Canada (because it's printed on recycled paper there), so maybe I should really get going on it, huh?

And technically, I should totally have re-read books 4 and 5 first, because my memory of them is a bit foggy. Hmm.

I just had Pico out for a while, and for the first time, he didn't try to fly away from me at all. He just sat on my finger and stared and let me pet him a little, and then I scooped him up in my hand to bring him back to his cage and he barely put up a struggle. He does "step up" like a pro now, too. Also, this is the first morning I've handled him without getting nasty pinch marks all over my hands. :) So, four days in, we seem to be making progress!

He starts falling asleep at like 7:30 in the evening. We've been keeping him up until 9ish, just to try and get him to pick a later bedtime so we won't bother him so much by being up and about until midnight or so. But he sits in his cage in a little fluffy ball struggling to keep his eyes open, so we eventually give in and cover him. So cute! I can't even tell you. :)


Jul. 12th, 2005 03:14 pm
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[Bad username or site: @] and I bought a parrotlet yesterday! We'd been thinking about it for a while, and then I saw a new batch of them at the pet store this weekend. On Sunday night, we talked about it and I researched them for a while, so when I went to bed I dreamed about getting one and naming him Pico. So, that is what we are calling him, because my dream picked it out, but also because it happens to be a metric prefix of some kind that basically means something really seriously small. And that he is. :) He is cute and shy and energetic, and Petrie seems vaguely interested in him but not particulary jealous (we're being careful to give equal amounts of attention, which helps I think).

Here he is!

Two more pictures, including his cute little blue butt, under the cut! )

Also, my fambily came to visit this weekend, and we did all sorts of fun things like Waterfire in Providence and swimming in the ocean at Blue Shutters beach. Raina is a good ocean-swimming buddy, because she's brave and hops right in. It was 64 degrees! But still fun. :) And Emma brought her friends, Kira and Mia, who were like 10 and 12 last time I saw them for any significant amount of time. They are now almost 15 and 17, I think, so that was weird and fun (even though Mia still only speaks to me in gestures, because she's shy. :))

If anyone's interested, there are pictures of pretty girls and ocean and Waterfire and other visity things over here.

And with that, you are reasonably caught up on my life in the past few days. I am off to nurse my training-a-parrotlet bite wounds and then play with him some more. ;)


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