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Pico, our parrotlet, was dead in his cage this morning. We don't know why - he looked fine, and he hadn't been acting unusual in any obvious way. It is a sad day over here. I mean, he was driving us completely insane with his high-pitched yelling and crazy fit-throwing, and we complained about him. But still, we are sad. He used to climb around in Ryan's shirt! He talked like a robot!

Combined with feeling sad, I am feeling guilty, because he had not been getting any attention from us lately due to having hands full of baby, and he spent more time covered than I care to admit so that Sophie could sleep. Honestly, we have been considering finding someone else to take care of him for a while now, because we knew we were not doing enough for him or for Petrie. I never could quite bring myself to find a stranger to take him, though. So here we are, and it's too late anyway.

It is oddly quiet in the house today, and Petrie is very quiet, too. He seems fine, though, or as fine as he ever seems. I gave him an orange slice to eat and he totally cleaned it out, and he looks normal despite his ragged appearance (he's a plucker). I wonder if he's feeling lonely though, without his loud little friend.

Poor Pico. :(
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The Snow, Glass, Apples oil and chapbook went live on BPAL last night, a bit early, and I was lucky enough to be sitting in front of my computer when it happened. As a Neil Gaiman fangirl and a Beth fangirl, I am totally excited. The proceeds go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the oil and chapbook come to ME ME MEEE for reading and sniffing and loving, so what could be better? In Neil's words, 'It smells like green apples and like sex and vampires, all at the same time. (Actually, it smells like sexy vampire apples.)' Kids, I get to smell like sexy vampire apples. And I get the BPAL collector's item of the year, also. (Except those lucky ComiCon people, who got the autographed chapbook.Oooooh.) Assuming that they didn't sell out before my 10pm order. :)

Now I need to replenish my Paypal account. Perhaps some miscellaneous decants can be sold off, even though everyone probably blew their money on the update last night. :P

I have vanilla hazelnut coffee, coconut cake and vegetarian sausage for breakfast this morning. The cake is leftover from the fabulous picnic Ryan and I had last night in Waterfront Park, to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. (7th! We are old happy married people now. :)) Life is good. :)
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Hello dahlings. It is my birthday! I have been alive a quarter century. Duuude.

It has been an awesome birthday. Ryan took me out to breakfast and then we got coffee and hung out and then we went to the bank to deposit a check he conveniently had with him and in the same building as the bank is a massage place where he had set up a surprise massage appointment for me! (Yay for run-on sentences, yo.) He's smooooth. :) It was fabulous, and I feel so much better. Plus, I'm taller and less toxic. :)

Then we came home and hung out, and I got to open presents and have lasagna for dinner and Ryan and Kelly made me cupcakes (chocolate cream cheese cupcakes with totally gratuitous mocha frosting). Kelly made me an awesome lunch bag with ITALIAN ENVIRONMENTALIST PHRASING, and bookmarks so I can stop using random pieces of her clipped out help-wanted ads. :) She also got me green apple beer with a fairy on the label! And Ryan gave me Battlestar Galactica S1, and the best hairbrush ever, and a silver tongue cleaner (okay, that one's weird, but I want weird stuff, what can I say?) I bought myself a little skeleton key necklace from Faerie Smak and it arrived today, too.

25 feels sort of old to me. I was happy and comfortable with 24. It was a good age, and I'm sorry to see it go. But according to Kelly and Ryan's Aunt Jean, turning 25 means I'm out of the hard years now. ;) (What say you, older friends? How's 25?) But yeah, here I am - wearing a skeleton key necklace, fighting a cold, feeling warm and cozy and with newly acquired full range of motion - 25. :)


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