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I am having a good time reading through the sign-ups page for the 100things challenge here. I love seeing what people are coming up with and I find it energizing to see people writing and being creative and...I guess it just gives my LJ-loving heart a little warm fuzzy. :) People are excited about

I'm still dithering about what to write about. Maybe I'll do a couple. :P (I have a poll up if you want to check some ticky boxes on the subject. ;))

I have so much enthusiasm for so many things, and I get all tied up in wanting to talk about all! the! things! that I don't actually write anything about anything. It's a problem. What actually makes it to type is always the every day and not so much the rest. And I'm also sort of seeking outlets everywhere, so I'm spread thin all over the internet and expressing myself a little bit in a ton of places, and I am left feeling like I'm a weak presence everywhere. So I guess I am intrigued by this project not only as a way to enliven a quiet journal(ing website), but also as a structure for myself. I don't know if it will actually work that way, but I'd like to try it. If I can ever make up my mind about it. :P

Here's the every day for you: Sophie and Ryan are upstairs playing and I am down here writing and searching for live music dates I can take Sophie to this year, and eating a fairly outrageously large amount of maple cotton candy from this morning's indoor farmers market (hey, it'll be maple asbestos soon if I don't consume it and also it is A MIRACLE OF NATURE AND SCIENCE). The music thing is inspired by the fact that a couple of friends and I were very close to taking our kids to a Gogol Bordello show this summer and only didn't buy tickets because the opening act would make the show start way too late. But now I have the itch, and I wish it was summer and we could go to live outdoor shows!

Ryan and Sophie are singing in unison upstairs now, and I think I might have to go hug them. :)

Oh, a PS for any Parks and Rec/icon people: I have no Parks icons! This is a crying shame. Any recommendations?

hai thar

May. 25th, 2011 02:01 pm
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You know, days keeps happening and I keep not posting. I'm really enjoying life right now, but it is not particularly interesting. :)

So let's see. Kelly is in the process of moving into our basement. We just got our car repaired, hopefully the last for a bit in a long line of Expensive Things That Come Up (boiler! roof! car repair! that's like $9000 worth of fun over the past 6 months - no wonder we feel poor right now!) for a while. We'll hopefully pay that off next month and then save a little bit of money for the trip to Boston we want to take in honor of our 10th wedding anniversary (and Sophie's 2nd birthday, also in July).

Today was grocery day. We bought watermelon, honeydew, strawberries and grapes. I am just so excited to have warmer weather fruit. :) Local asparagus is happening, too, and I have an unreasonable love of asparagus. In other exciting news, our CSA farm is back on its feet enough after the barn fire they had this winter to be selling mesclun greens and arugula, gorgeous basil and teensy baby bok choy at City Market - and thus, we will have a salad tonight and look forward to the summer, when CSA deliveries resume. I am so happy that spring is here from a culinary perspective, not to mention all the other good stuff. :)

Because I am really not full of things to talk about right now, I will post some photos behind a cut - a better summary of my life right now, possibly, than words are.

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So, we had the equinox and some snow, and that combination was pretty depressing.

But I'd actually like to focus on what was awesome about the world lately - it was 50+ degrees on Friday! THERE IS HOPE! Sophie and I walked around downtown WITH SWEATSHIRTS AND NOT COATS, and then we went to the aquarium, and that evening we had dinner at Erin and Jon's house (with both of Kai's grandmothers, too - Jon's mom gave Sophie a stuffed pig and Sophie impressed Erin's mom by gobbling up her lentil soup, and she petted a cat and climbed on and off the couch while we visited and drank wine and held tiny baby Kai.) It all felt so easy and fun, and it felt easy solely because we did not have to defend ourselves against the cold, trudge over the ice, and so on. Well, that and the fact that it is blessedly light until like 7:15 now.

Sunlight and not being freezing make me feel so much better about everything.

It has been busy here. Besides our fun day on Friday, we went downtown and walked a lot on Saturday with Meg and her girls. We browsed the bookstore and had french fries and beer at The Scuffer. Then my sisters were in town together on Sunday, and we hung out with them. I took Raina with me to the BPAL NEWC at Healthy Living. (When we walked in, Courtney briefed me on the various collections available for sampling and purchasing this time, and Raina says to me "Did you understand what all those words meant?" Yes indeed, I did. ;))

Yesterday, I drove Kelly Jean to the airport so she could leave for California - right before the snow started to fall here, grrr. ;) Then Sophie and I went to yoga, and after that we took Ryan home because it was snowing a lot and I did not want to have to go back out in it to get him. Today, Sophie and I went out to visit friends in town and tonight, we are hanging out with Eleanor and Adele while their parents go out for dinner. The rest of the week is busy, too!

So yeah, I have been busy with all of that day-to-day stuff and don't have a lot of interest to write about...maybe it's time for a few photos.

Tavi and Sophie, having a snack together

This one made me laugh - Eleanor and Sophie, playing with the Wii

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So uh, I am more or less down to something resembling a pre-pregnancy weight. I know, I'm a jerk because that's pretty fast, but here's how it works: I bounce, sway, jump, walk, and dance with a baby all day long. Okay and also I breastfeed. I am TIRED, YO. I am also full of crazy appetite. OMG FOOD.

Of course, I'm not so much back in shape yet. I mean, my body definitely feels more like my own than it did. But I'm not really pushing that until I can get to a point in life where I'm not like, healing all the time. I feel like the postpartum healing fun just came to more or less an end, and now I am healing from a sebaceous cyst under my arm that abscessed and had to be...dealt with. I did not go into detail because the details are disgusting, but yeah. Healing sucks, and I am tired of it. (I suppose it is better than the alternative.) I'm getting lots of exercise, though, due to having a baby who won't let me stay home. I go for walks because I'll get yelled at by a belligerent teeny person with very, very strong lungs if I don't - that's motivation, folks.

Dinner tonight: black bean and sweet potato quesadillas with tomatillo salsa. Dairy-free eating is ANNOYING AS FUCK but also still delicious. We are forced to be creative! I had vegan french toast for lunch today, while Erin and I took turns lapping the restaurant we were at with the baby. Because oh yeah, Sophie is teething! Save me!
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Doctor's appointment today: glucose testing is done and I do not have The Diabetes. I had to eat 18 jelly beans (Brachs) in 2 minutes, which was way harder than I thought - in fact, actively impossible. I chewed and chewed, and still it took me 4 minutes to do! I also felt pretty bad for a few minutes afterwards. But hey, I win at blood sugar levels - I was at 112 and the cutoff is 135, so it's all good. Also I have good hemoglobin, perfect weight gain, various measurements, etc. I am a perfect specimen of Pregnant Woman. My dad says it's good to excel at things. ;) (I keep kind of waiting for a shoe to drop somewhere, but I'm also trying to avoid that sort of thinking.)

Other news:
I have a scary looking sunburn marring my poor, perfect cleavage ;), due to spending a delightful day in the sun yesterday supervising yard work and occasionally wielding power tools (!). I wore sunscreen, but I find that the only stuff that works for me is the horrible, thick, zinc-y physical block kind, and usually only if it's fairly new. I am apparently a stinking delicate flower. With a tingly burning chest.

Ryan's birthday was yesterday, and he is 29. We went to dinner at Tilley's, so I got to have a pregnancy-safe sushi roll that basically made my week. Also, yesterday morning, we had the best lemon poppyseed cake I have ever eaten, thanks to Meg. Clearly, I cannot compete with that and should never make it with my recipe ever again. :) We went to a birthday party for Erin this weekend too, so I am full of birthday fun. I was glad that being pregnant didn't make me too tired to enjoy a party - I had a good time and even stayed up until a bit after midnight. ;) I was fine the next day, too! I am full of awesome.

We are watching "Castle", and then I will begin the long, arduous process of getting ready for bed. Good night, y'all.
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I have totally neglected to update you people on the goings-on of my life. That is because the goings-on are really going, and I have about 4 billion things flying around in my brain most of the time lately. I am going to update you as briefly as possible, since I've recited it all a whole lot of times this week already and there is a lot to recount.

So, okay. Ryan got a job last week. This is good, obviously! The job is in Burlington. This is also very good, and I am excited about moving, though I am sad about leaving my near-perfect job and my few local friends. Ryan got the interview for this job last week and had a second interview and the job offer the next day, and I told my principal I was leaving on Monday. Yesterday Ryan told our landlady, she is pissed, but frankly has no real right to be (we're not on a lease anymore, it's month-to-month, and we're giving her like 6 weeks of notice, which may not be a ton but seems reasonable given that the lease we were on last year states that we have to give 30 days notice). I'm nervous about her being pissed because we need her for a reference, so I'm trying to figure out what to do about that. We have an appointment to look at an apartment on Sunday, and some other possibilities in the works. Ryan starts his job on June 23rd with a couple of days in the office, but can work from home for a while after that until we get our life sorted out.

Meanwhile, I have 3 days of school left next week, and in that time I have to get everything together for the poor soul who will be taking over for me. I applied to one full-time position and one long-term librarian sub position for next year, but I may or may not have success with my job hunt for next year due to the lateness of the hour, so to speak. We'll be fine if that is the case, and I can always work somewhere else if I need to, so I am not too stressed about that part.

Kelly, who lives with us now, will need a new place to stay because she can't afford the rent on this house on her own. We're working on that, and I think she has most of the summer lined up with housesitting and other pursuits that include having a place to stay.

In unimportant and possible completely uninteresting news, I finally got my hair cut on Wednesday, I had mustard greens and tofu for breakfast this morning (that is unreasonably healthy even for me ;)), and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

So ends the bringing-you-up-to-speed update of...glee?
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People have asked, so: I liked my therapist. Choosing one was hard, because so many seemed (I keep saying this word) dippy, or just wrong for me. This guy is, I think, worth the drive and the money (which, regrettably, are both significant). He is insightful and sharp, affirming without feeling like he's Affirming Me (I don't know how else to say it, really), and reassuringly professional where other people I researched seemed very touchy-feely in their approach. He is open-minded and has a clue, and he doesn't make me feel like I am being "therapied" - I remember sometimes, my therapist in college would ask questions or say things where I knew exactly what he was doing and it took me out of the intended experience, at the very least. Now, I've only had the one session, but I can see him being very helpful, and I think I will actually get a lot out of this.

People have also asked, and while I won't go into exhausting detail, I'll summarize: I'm okay, I'm myself, and nothing bad is going on. Some of this is seasonal, some isn't. It's just that I can see, lately, that I still have a lot of unnecessary fear in my life, and I could be handling things better and enjoying pretty much everything in my life more if I had better coping strategies for dealing with my naturally high level of anxiety. I imagine threats when they aren't there, I get upset and fearful about things I can't control (right down to really silly things, but big things like Life Plans too) and I don't know how to handle my feelings when there is an actual danger or risk. I am much braver than I used to be, but by becoming braver, I have also changed the landscape of my fears, or maybe just discovered a layer of anxiety I didn't really realize was there. I'm glad, actually - uncovering a layer of Stuff means I can fix it, and be a happier and better person. I just need some help to do that, hence the, you know, help I hired. :)

Okay, therapy talk finished, for now. Thanks for caring, everybody. :)

I got new yoga pants, and they are so awesome I can't even tell you. I think I'll maybe do some yoga in them today. :) Happy Friday.


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