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I am having a good time reading through the sign-ups page for the 100things challenge here. I love seeing what people are coming up with and I find it energizing to see people writing and being creative and...I guess it just gives my LJ-loving heart a little warm fuzzy. :) People are excited about

I'm still dithering about what to write about. Maybe I'll do a couple. :P (I have a poll up if you want to check some ticky boxes on the subject. ;))

I have so much enthusiasm for so many things, and I get all tied up in wanting to talk about all! the! things! that I don't actually write anything about anything. It's a problem. What actually makes it to type is always the every day and not so much the rest. And I'm also sort of seeking outlets everywhere, so I'm spread thin all over the internet and expressing myself a little bit in a ton of places, and I am left feeling like I'm a weak presence everywhere. So I guess I am intrigued by this project not only as a way to enliven a quiet journal(ing website), but also as a structure for myself. I don't know if it will actually work that way, but I'd like to try it. If I can ever make up my mind about it. :P

Here's the every day for you: Sophie and Ryan are upstairs playing and I am down here writing and searching for live music dates I can take Sophie to this year, and eating a fairly outrageously large amount of maple cotton candy from this morning's indoor farmers market (hey, it'll be maple asbestos soon if I don't consume it and also it is A MIRACLE OF NATURE AND SCIENCE). The music thing is inspired by the fact that a couple of friends and I were very close to taking our kids to a Gogol Bordello show this summer and only didn't buy tickets because the opening act would make the show start way too late. But now I have the itch, and I wish it was summer and we could go to live outdoor shows!

Ryan and Sophie are singing in unison upstairs now, and I think I might have to go hug them. :)

Oh, a PS for any Parks and Rec/icon people: I have no Parks icons! This is a crying shame. Any recommendations?
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Yes, it has taken me months to get to this point, but I'm a completist, I'll soldier on.

Actually, I'll cheat a bit. I just updated some videos to Flickr, so here is 90 seconds of Sophie helping to unload the dishwasher. The silverware is her job. As you will see, she is pretty good at it, although she cannot reach the drawer...

I apologize if this is actually the most boring thing ever posted, but seriously you guys, she is unloading the dishwasher and it kills me with adorable. ;)
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Plus, look, I am doing this month one near the end of the month, so that's TIMELY.

Ok so let's see. The beginning of this month was also the beginning of the year, natch. We spent New Year's day downtown, eating sushi with Sophie and browsing the bookstore. The rest will be bullet points because this will get out of hand quickly at this rate:

- My friend Erin had her baby, 3 weeks early and the day after coming to my house to visit. Late term pregnant women are going to start flocking to my door, because she is the second person in my life to have a baby very shortly after spending time at my house. Meg was the first. WHO IS GOING TO BE NEXT? Anyway, the important part: baby Kai is healthy and his family is very happy, and things are going very well. Sophie is fascinated by Kai, and we have gone to visit a few times and bring food and supplies. It is fun holding such a teeny baby! He just sleeps, even when he dad uses power tools in the next room. It's awesome. Did I mention we met him on the day he was born? The baby shower was planned for that day, and their (home)birth went so well and peacefully that they were up for a shortened version of the shower that same afternoon! CRAZYPANTS. But lucky us. :)

-Sophie turned 18 months - year and a half if you're no good at counting. ;) I wrote a big post about that at her baby blog: She had her 18 month check up and a couple of vaccinations this month, too. (She recognizes the doctor's office now as a place where she gets a shot, so that was... not so fun. In an effort to spread out her shots, I've been making more frequent appointments and getting her a couple of vaccinations at each appointment. The poor dear is Very Clear now on what happens in that office.)

- We did a lot of low-key socializing. The aforementioned Erin and Jon visits, plus we finally had our neighbors over for drinks when Shawn and Meg were here a couple of weeks ago, and [ profile] viellen came over for dinner. Both sets of our parents have visited, plus our regularly scheduled visits with S&M, Kelly, and Emma.

- Pete's Greens, our CSA supplier, lost their barn to a fire. Pete's Greens is a big deal in Vermont, and they've become a big deal to us! I've been sad about it, and missing my CSA deliveries. It's been very cool to see, however, that a zillion community fundraisers, big and small, have sprung up to help support them in rebuilding. I've been following all of that a lot this month, and looking forward to when they can get on their feet again. (Summer share sign up forms are printed out and sitting on the table!)

- I started regularly watching Shawn and Meg's kids while Meg teaches piano, and Meg is regularly watching Sophie for a few hours each week so I can go out by myself, get a couple of things done, or in one case, visit Erin and the baby in peace. :) It is good, on all counts. (Well okay, except for the crying feedback loops, which happens now and then. There is absolutely no way to fix it when all three girls are crying at once unless there is another adult handy!)

- I went to the first New England will-call event for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab at Healthy Living! I know, the non-BPAL people are like, whut? Basically, it's a perfume party! We got to sniff perfume oils, some that haven't been released yet, and try them on. This is a Very Big Deal among fans. It was fun, and it was also fun mingling with fellow BPAL people from the mysterious internet BUT IN REAL LIFE. Well okay, I knew a couple of them from real life already, but still. It was fun. There are pictures on Facebook. :)

I am sure I am overlooking something, but that seems like MORE THAN ENOUGH info on my January experience this year. We are capping it off with a weekend of domestic boringness - Ryan fixed the toilet today (hooray), I made vegetable stock, we did laundry, Sophie had a bath. Tomorrow I will wash the rug in Sophie's room and prepare packages to mail...and attempt to put away some of that laundry from today. The party just doesn't stop! We are planning afternoon/dinner with Shawn and Meg and fam tomorrow though, so at least we are doing something fun and out of our house. :)

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I admit I sort of put this one off, because I haven't been in the mood to dwell in a regretful headspace lately. So I think I will honor that and pick something sort of easy, rather than delving deep. :)

I regret not applying to more and better colleges, back when I did my applying. I made the practical choice - a state school with a graduate program in library science. I picked the one I liked best and that I felt would serve me best, but I wish I had been less practical and aimed higher for my undergrad education, and then took grad school as a separate thing (I was happy with my grad school choice, so it's just those two years of away-from-home undergrad that I would have done differently.)

URI did not challenge me enough as an undergrad. I took classes with people who just did not care. I was lonely because I was a married undergrad with no money and little interest in intense drinking - weird in every possible way! People at URI had money, they had no responsibilities, and they spent most of their nights at the bars. I skated through classes, getting A's for simply writing decently. I learned, but I wished for a richer college experience with more friends, work that was more challenge and less drudgery, and less dumbing down to meet the needs of the spoiled disinterested masses.

Things got better in my last year of my undergrad program. That happened because a professor I loved led me towards the honors program. WHY NO ONE DID THIS BEFORE THIS POINT, I DO NOT KNOW. The honors program was perfect for me, because the classes were more varied, more difficult, more interesting, and populated with people who actually chose to be there. It was in the honors program that I took a history class on the Holocaust (thus vastly expanding my understanding of European history and politics, as well as giving me the experience of taking this class from a Polish Jew who survived, a very big deal in and of itself), a weird but fascinating class on ecology and literature (we visited a compost farm!), and various women's studies seminars that seriously shaped me as a person. My final project was on sex education and the internet, basically, which should come as no surprise. :)

In my head, Brown would have offered me a similar experience all the time, for example. But I don't know if I would really have been happier there. So actually, maybe my real regret is not finding the honors program right at the start of my time at URI.

I think everything else I can possibly say about regret approaches Clichéville, because I really do feel badly about times I have caused pain or things I wish I had done differently, but also feel like I learned something from most of those times and am better for it in the end. So there, I have officially entered Clichéville, population me, and you can all leave now. ;)
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My favorite memory! As if there is only one? Do most people have a favorite memory?

Honestly, I think it would be a bit sad if there was one single happiest or most treasured moment in my life. I value many memories - some of them actually important, some of them far from it. When I cast around for a favorite memory, my mind throws up all kinds of things. Like, really - I assume this is random synaptic firing, but it ranges wildly from things I had forgotten about to things I will never forget about. You want a few of those random things?


When I was little, on Christmas eve I would stow away a pair of socks in my bed, to make sure I could get up in the night and walk as quietly as possible, so I could sneak downstairs without anyone noticing. I'd go pee first, so that I had a good excuse to be down there, but then I would always slip into the living room for a minute. I didn't want to peek at presents or anything like that, I just wanted to stand there and bask in the magic - sparkling Christmas tree, stockings filled because Santa had already been there, the secrecy of it. I was terrified of night time for most of my childhood, but that night felt safe. The image that popped into my mind was of standing there, staring at the room and feeling shivery.


The memory of Sophie being placed in my arms right after she was born. I was actually kind of terrified to hold her because I couldn't even hold myself up yet, and if I am remembering correctly I was still sort of perched on a birthing stool and I may have even told whoever handed her to me not to do it, because I was afraid I would drop her. But all that aside, the memory of her weight and her warmth and how slippery she was, and that she was real,'s a good memory that still makes me tear up.


I had kind of forgotten about this, but my brain took me here, so: one day when we lived in New Hampshire, Kelly and I went out to the backyard to sunbathe near the pond. We took books and snacks and laid on a blanket and it was awesome. After we had been there a while, a porcupine wandered into the yard. I find the timing particularly funny - we're out there without any clothes and a porcupine, of all creatures, decides to visit! Not that nudity is much different from clothes when it comes to porcupine protection, I imagine, but it *felt* more alarming. ;) But he stayed away and seemed very uninterested in us, so we just sat and watched him for a long time. This was actually an awesome afternoon. :)


So yeah, that is just a drop in a very large bucket of things that came to mind when I asked my brain for memories. Having one "favorite memory" seems completely impossible. Maybe it's just me, but - for me - I treasure a million moments, and if I didn't I think life would mean a lot less.

the rest of the meme subjects, for me to find again )
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Dreams - as in sleep or as in aspirations? I ASK AGAIN.

Let's split the difference. Lately, I don't remember my dreams. I used to, and as a teenager I kept a dream journal and worked on lucid dreaming and everything. But not so much now that my sleep is the way it is. Sometimes I remember one from my last stretch of sleep in the morning, though. This morning I dreamed about taking Sophie and some other baby to a farm to harvest something, and the farmers wanted to feed us Chinese food. ;)

Aspirations! You know, I need to figure out what those are at this point in my life. I have the big things I wanted for the moment, really. I'm like, the queen of wanting things - but as far as actual goals and loftier hope for the future, it's both simple and uncertain. I know, of course, that I aspire to be a good parent and to raise a happy, healthy daughter with whom I maintain a good relationship. Same goes for maintaining a happy marriage and family life and all of that obvious stuff. From there though, I'm not sure. I have mixed feelings about going back to work - when, how much, under what conditions, etc. I think my current work aspiration is to be a part-time school librarian at some point in the future, maybe next fall. :)

But other things I aspire to/dream about/look forward to: getting back into regular yoga practice, traveling, sleeping through the night ;), learning functional Italian, making awesome soap, creating a better OPAC system (library nerdiness), having more money, having more free time. I want to read more books, and explore more in general, and keep growing. Right now I feel like my goals are mostly small, but I think that is okay. I am mostly very happy, I just want to enrich my life and be able to relax a bit more in general.
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We had toddler yoga on Monday, and I did some errands (bank deposit! Day-after-Halloween candy run with Emma!).

Tuesday, we had our new boiler installed. Those guys were here from 7:15 in the morning until about 4:30, making scary noises and filling the house with smoke and dust. But they were awesome and nice and explained everything, and while they did cross a wire that resulted in some weirdness, it was fixed the next day by the owner guy (who thanked us for letting him come over to fix it. Ha!) Now we are heating way more efficiently, and without the imminent threat of boiler failure followed by a carbon monoxide blast! Yay! Also our water pressure is AWESOME. Just sayin'. Yowzer.

Wednesday Sophie and I drove Ryan to work, grocery shopped, picked up the CSA share, and picked Ryan up again (there was lunch and napping and a walk in the middle ;)).

Thursday...hmm, okay, we seriously didn't do anything yesterday. It was rainy and gross, Ryan worked from home, so we stayed inside all day. It wasn't pretty.

Today we stayed home again while Ryan went to work, but it was better, because we had visitors! Meg, Eleanor, and Adele came over to have an Italian snack and look at our album of photos from our trip to Italy, because Eleanor is learning about Italy this week.

Now it is Friday night, and I am drinking a glass of wine, talking to [Bad username or site: @] about our mutual hotness ;), and peripherally dealing with VP issues while typing this entry. OK not true, I can't multitask *that* well. Bob went to save her roasting vegetables, and then I finished this. BLAMMO. ;)
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Oh goodness. My bag, it is so very very full.

Right now: my wallet (red with a monkey!), the checkbook, my purple sunglasses, a tube of Badger unscented sunscreen, the bag for Sophie's sunglasses, a 7th Gen disposable diaper, a Baby Kick (cloth wipe), my inhaler.

An emergency snack for Sophie (oatmeal Snackimals!), an Epipen Jr., my Miss Army knife (yeah sexist, but it has come in handy!), Clean Well oregano oil-based antibacterial spray for emergency hand washing.

Several receipts -for contacts, post office, and Sophie's winter yoga session.

Adult ibuprofen, baby tylenol, pink lip/cheek makeup, a yellow Crazy Burger pen.

A 7th Gen pantiliner and tampon, and an old grocery list.

2 Zoya lip glosses, a Burt's bees lip thing (color: papaya!), and a strawberry chapstick made by Donika. (My lips, they are well protected.)

This was a good opportunity to clean out my bag! I should switch to something smaller, this thing is ridonkulous.
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Today, I was driving with Sophie to City Market to do some grocery shopping before picking up Ryan. I was playing music on my ipod and rocking out (MSTRKRFT's awesome remix of Usher's "Love In This Club", IF YOU MUST KNOW), and Sophie was dancing in her seat. At the light, I looked in my review mirror and met the eyes of the guy driving the car behind me - who was also rocking out to whatever his music was, complete with steering wheel drumming and enthusiastic singing. We smiled at each other. It was awesome.

He was behind me all the way to my turn, for like 5 minutes. I laughed a little every time I checked my mirrors.

Oh, one last detail - during this time, while I was having this particular party, Sophie fell asleep. I had to wake her up at the grocery store. This girl! Maybe I need to start throwing crazy parties every night in an effort to help her sleep. ;)
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I am one of those people who cannot name one best friend, never really could. I have several people in my life who are close to me, in different ways, and they are all very important to me. I am like this about most things - I'm not into One True Whatever, generally.

Since I am not feeling up to writing about everyone important, I will write about my childhood best friends. Childhood was when I really did have specific best friends, and so it kind of makes sense to me to write about that.

In early elementary school, John Michael was my best friend. He got me into all kinds of mild trouble, actually. He once locked his grandmother out of her apartment so that we could steal her aluminum foil for our epic foil ball, and eat her chocolate chips. I watched movies at his house that I would never have been allowed to watch at home (of course, my parents' standards were very conservative, so it was nothing terribly shocking. ;)) Once we cased his entire house looking for change, and we found enough to order a we did. We ate it at opposite ends of his huge dining room table, because we thought that was the most fancy way to do it.

We had a secret hideout, and there are tapes of us, somewhere, interviewing his pets. ;)

We keep in touch, though we haven't been close in a long time. As I was writing this, he posted to Facebook that his apartment burned down! So I've been thinking of him a lot in the past few days.

Nellie came along a bit later, in second grade. We grew up together, always at each other's houses. My mother babysat for her and her sister while their mom worked, so we saw each other all the time. We even share a birthday - she's exactly a year younger than me. We always celebrated together, and that made it feel even more like we were sisters when I was younger...even though that actually doesn't make a lot of sense, really.

Nellie and I played epic pretend. We acted out stories we made up long after most people would admit to doing it, actually - I remember being old enough that we discussed the fact that we had a tendency to play out the lives of oppressed people. This makes me laugh to this day. (Not that I think there was anything wrong with our doing this, I just think it's funny.) We were orphans and runaway slaves, we climbed trees all the time, we had sleepovers, and we borrowed Nellie's mother's copy of "Our Bodies, Ourselves" - and that is where I got the majority of my pre-internet sex education, folks. (Nellie was well-versed in these things and got me up to speed in a number of areas.) Nellie got me through the transition from childhood to puberty, and then to the beginning of what comes after that. We drifted apart around the time I started dating Ryan, but I still love her a lot and I am happy to see her living what seems like a great life for her in California.

That's all for now, nutshell-y though it is. I need popcorn and TV, people - Sophie's molars took a few days off but they are BACK WITH A VENGEANCE and we got no sleep last night. Fingers crossed, please, that tonight goes better because there are only so many of those nights that I can handle before my brain goes blsjdhwjuhetrthgtx, ok?
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My first love was actually the person I married. That makes this either a really boring story or a really interesting one, depending, I guess, on how you see this sort of thing.

Ryan and I grew up together, but never really knew each other until we were teenagers. We went to the same elementary school - he was one of the Big Scary Sixth Graders when I was in the fourth grade. I remember reading stories he wrote (with illustrations!) on the bulletin board in the hallway.

When I was in 5th grade, my family started homeschooling. We joined a group of homeschooling families who got together for field trips, classes taught by parents with interesting skills, and meetings for the parents/running around crazy time for the kids. When I was...12 or 13, I think, we met Ryan's family. They had just started homeschooling, too. I was friends with his sister first, but I met Ryan for the first time after choir practice, on a swing set. We played an epic game of hide and seek at his house soon after, with a bunch of other homschooled kids, while the parents had a meeting. This was when I developed a crush on him.

I was 15 when we finally kissed for the first time, in a tent on a youth group camping trip (yes, really). We have been together ever since. We considered breaking up or something similar when Ryan left for college, but ultimately, we didn't do it. I went to visit him at school, my first real trips by myself. When he graduated, it was time for me to go away to college (I had done my first two years at community college near my parents' house, but was tranferring to finish my B.A.) We got married when I was 19, and then moved to Rhode Island so I could start school at URI.

I think we are very lucky to still be happy together despite getting started so young, having no other relationship experience, and having started out with my mental and emotional health being so bad. (As a teenager and for the first few years we were married, I had MAJOR anxiety problems, as well as depression that came and went. I don't think either of us understood that at all for a long time. I started therapy in college and I think that plus the fact that we are best friends got us through the early years.)

I always feel a little odd when I explain that I married my high school sweetheart, essentially. Dating only one person and getting married at a young age isn't really a course of action that I would generally recommend, and I think it's a choice that seemingly represents some things I don't actually identify with (many people who marry young and date very little are people with religious beliefs I don't have, values I don't share, etc.) But we fell in love very young (and I did actually have different values, then). Despite the difficulties associated with literally growing up together, we still are in love and happy, and now we have a daughter we adore. So...sometimes even the choices I can't recommend in general are the best ones for me, anyway. :)

At the ripe old age of 29, I have been married for 9 years. I am glad for all those years together and happy to have many more to look forward to.
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OK so you know that meme I keep saying I will do? I also keep putting it off. So let's bite the bullet and start okay?

Here's Day 01 - Introduce Yourself

Most of y'all kinda know me by now! However, some of you are actually newish 'round these parts, so I'll tell you a little bit and then we can be done with this day. :)

I am GOING TO BE 29 ON SATURDAY, FOLKS. That is how old I am. LAST YEAR OF TWENTIES OLD. I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED. Okay, moving on! I am married to Ryan, who was my high school sweetheart if you can have one of those when you are homeschooled as a teenager, and we have a 14-month old daughter, Sophie. Somehow, she has come to be less shocking to me than my age is. I wonder when that happened?

I was a school librarian before we moved to Vermont. I taught in a K-8 school in the middle of nowhere, New Hampshire. I miss it, but a) there aren't many jobs to be had for me around here right now and b) as much as we really, really could use the money, I am happy to be home with Sophie while she is small, so I'm not really looking very hard. Sometime I would like to part-time librarian again, but we'll get there when we get there.

I have been around LJ since the dark ages, whenever those were, I don't remember anymore. I am a maintainer at [Bad username or site: @], and that's very important to me even though I have far less time/energy for it than I used to due to having my hands full of toddler. VP developed and maintained my geekdom in the areas of feminism, women's health, and sexuality. I was also a peer sex educator in college.

Nowadays, I can be found in parenting communities on LJ too (mostly P101 and [Bad username or site: @]), and now and then I still find time to dabble in fandom and graphics communities, though that is very rare.

Fandom, you say? Why, yes! I am a bit of a media junkie, though lately that's pretty TVcentric just because that's what I have time and energy for. I'm a Whedon fan, but I also watch like, half the things under the sun that are not reality TV. I value TV with plot, in much the same way I value books. Yes, me, a librarian! Knowledge should be smelly and all that, and books are kind of sacred...but what I mean is, plot is plot, and I definitely over-identify with fictional characters. Whether they are on screen or in books doesn't matter so much to me. I'm not saying the TV shows have to be *quality* or anything, I just like plot. :)

I also eat food. Like, I actually see that as part of who I am, to a degree, because I have the luxury of choosing my food with conscience and politics in mind. I'm not really a vegetarian in that I eat fish, but I eat no other meat, so...pesca-vegetarian is, I guess, the term? Anyway, so there's that. I've been a vegetarian all my life, but I don't see it as being as important as other dietary choices I make. I think it's more important to eat locally, seasonally, and organically when possible, etc. It's not possible for everyone to make an effort to do those things, but it's possible for me - and given that, I see how I eat (in a general sense) as being just as important as how I vote. It's important in a different way, and some overlapping ways actually. I won't go on about this, because this subject is totally it's own post at least - but I love food, and cooking, and I think about what I eat. It turns out I have tons of things to say about eating, actually, so...yeah, I'll come back to it sometime.

Other things I am interested in: BPAL (, yoga (I used to do it every day! Now I go to toddler yoga once a week, and sometimes a mom class. But yeah, it's a goal for the future ;)), photography (I used to take pictures like an emo college kid, because I was more or less one of those), pop culture, music, and a zillion other things that I dabble around in via the vast reaches of the magical int0rnetz. running out of ideas and it is bed time, so if you are someone who doesn't know me well and you have questions about things I left out, go ahead and ask. :)

To everyone who had to re-read this very basic primer on Sarah, forgive me, I feel totally like a navel-gazer right now. But I like this meme, in that I like reading about everybody else and a lot of the questions are fun in theory, so. Here we go!

30 Days of Meme - the list of subjects )
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List seven songs you are into right now.
No matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're are not any good.

(Let's take a look at my current favorites list on Amorak, yes? I'm listing in no particular order, though.)

1. Ivy - Edge of the Ocean
2. Mike Doughty - I Hear the Bells
3. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous
4. Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
5. Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go
6. Joeph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
7. Pixies - Where is my Mind

Can I do more? You know I can.

8. Tori Amos - Sleeps With Butterflies
9. Britney Spears - And Then We Kiss (Junkie XI remix)
10. Something Happens - Momentary Thing
11. Teagan and Sara - I Know I Know I Know
12. XTC - Then She Appeared
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It is Saturday, and thus, I meme. )
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So, my Kimberly, aka [Bad username or site: @], is involved in a protest at Cornell to save a small forest from being cut down and made into a parking lot. There's an article about the protest in the NYTimes today:

(you have to log in to read it, but you can use username: ifmud, password: ifmud )

There's a website about the woods and the protest here, also. Kimberly has been in and out of a tree, on the phone with various important people, threatened by workers with chainsaws, and generally being amazing and running around like crazy for quite a while now, so I hope she saves the trees soon so she can get some rest! *hugstoKimberly*

In other not-so-news, I was tagged. And because Meredith told me to, I must meme. :)

Six Songs That I'm Into at the Moment

1. Shawn Colvin - Trouble (specifically, the live Lilith Fair version - much better than the album version, I think)
2. The Killers - Mr. Brightside (and really, the rest of the album :))
3. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
4. Dar Williams - Iowa
5. Tori Amos - Parasol
6. The Dandy Warhols - We Used to be Friends

I'm not tagging 6 people, as is the custom. Sorry. :P

The homework has been beaten down, at least partially, and partially is good enough for me for tonight. Wahoo. :) Goodnight, Livejournal!


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