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It is snowing today. We went out to breakfast at Lou's, and tried out our new snow tires. Now everything is quiet and pretty, and I've been in bed reading for the past hour or so. I'm reading the new Neil Gaiman, "Fragile Things", which I am savoring because it is perfect, and "Rent Girl" by Michelle Tea, which was a Christmas present from Kelly and is pretty awesome.

Which brings me to other books I got for Christmas. Let's see...from Aunt Linda, "Fast Food Nation", which I have read and wanted to have handy for re-reading and referring to, since it is really interesting and gross and awesome. Aunt Linda also gave me "The Princess Bride", which I've never read even though I've seen the movie tons of times. Also, "Those Left Behind", the Firefly/Serenity graphic novel that fills in the time between series and movie. From Ryan, I got "Fray", by Joss Whedon - a graphic novel about a slayer in the future, which I've read in the past but need to re-read. Also, "Perfume: The Story of a Murder", which I know nothing about other than it is supposed to be very good and I was compelled to read it (and they are making a movie of it, which of course they "*would* - it's a gruesome serial killer story!) I bet there are actually more that I am not thinking of right now. I have lots of reading to do - especially since I also have books for school to read (the 7th grade book club book, its sequel, and a few others). And I just spent a small Amazon gift certificate too, so new books will be coming soon. I am a reading machine, and it is awesome. :)

I got two new blank books to write in for Christmas too. One is from Janice, who just got back from traveling in southeast Asia and brought this book back for me. Another is from my mom, and it is handmade by Mayans with recycled paper molded into a raised face shape on the cover. I'm looking forward to using these books, but I haven't quite decided how. Do I just journal in them? Do I do something special and thematic? Suggestions? I'm still mulling it over.
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List seven songs you are into right now.
No matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're are not any good.

(Let's take a look at my current favorites list on Amorak, yes? I'm listing in no particular order, though.)

1. Ivy - Edge of the Ocean
2. Mike Doughty - I Hear the Bells
3. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous
4. Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
5. Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go
6. Joeph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
7. Pixies - Where is my Mind

Can I do more? You know I can.

8. Tori Amos - Sleeps With Butterflies
9. Britney Spears - And Then We Kiss (Junkie XI remix)
10. Something Happens - Momentary Thing
11. Teagan and Sara - I Know I Know I Know
12. XTC - Then She Appeared
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This is non-material stuff (or at least not-so material).

Right now, I want:

to learn Italian

to scuba dive

to keep a dream journal again and get back my ability to remember dreams, and lucid dream

to travel more

to never ever have a migraine ever again (I am trying!)

to eat a hot fudge sundae

to read a lot more (which would mostly involve reading a lot faster, I guess, because I have a zillion books here that I want to read)


to watch more "Angel" tonight

peace on earth (hey, what if someone came and granted all my wishes? i figure this should be on the list ;))

In terms of my previous want list, I did end up placing the Amazon order. It won't be here until the end of the month though, because that's when the Tori album comes out. But I am excited. :)


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