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Sitting quietly because my back hurts (though less than it did yesterday!), I decided to post icons.

Multifandom, right this way
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To commemorate the time I have lovingly wasted reading bad Buffy fic in the past 24 hours, I bring you bad fic iconnized. Iconnized is a word now, keep up.
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Upon realizing I had about 90 icons in my "to post" folder, I thought maybe I'd actually, you know, post some! Just 50 in this post so as not to make eyes glaze over. :)

50 icons, right this way!
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50 multifandom, right this way!

Plus, I totally added a bunch of new userpics to my own journal. Admire the pretty!
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Icons from BtVS "Restless", "Weight of the World", "Choices", plus Angel "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glb", and VM "Spit and Eggs".

32 icons, Buffy, Angel, and VM (Spit and Eggs!) right this way!
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14 icons, right this way

Lily (okay, not really, but y'know) in "Justice" - a show I never saw, but boy those caps were pretty! Also BSG's "A Measure of Salvation" and Six/Gaius making with the literal pretty sexy torturedness. And our Buffy, because she's Buffy!

Icon dump!

Apr. 28th, 2006 12:30 am
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53 icons @ my icon journal: VM 2x20, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Scrubs, and Alice in Wonderland. Oh baby. :)

Kelly arrives tonight! Whoo hoo!
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Now I'm not the icon queen, but I'm going to step up into her place for a minute. To the icon-making world, I hereby decree: you're no longer allowed to make icons of the Veronica Mars pilot unless you stop using the same two freakin' scenes every single time! I'm guilty of using the oft-used caps too, so I know how it is. I know Veronica looks adorable and is wearing that fun pink and green ensemble, but that poor scene needs a rest. Okay?

Okay. Now that I've got that off my chest. ;)

I posted my first installment of BtVS season 3 icons for [Bad username or site: @], over here! I think some of them are less than inspired, but I'm going to rewatch a couple of episodes this week to get my Buffy mojo back for the rest. Ryan and I have been watching Angel S3 this week, marathon-style, and we just finished it I've been a little distracted from Sunnydale and sorta more LA-focused. :) (Also, Joss is a cruel, cruel master. Making us love characters and then plunging them into dispair and pain and evil...over and over, and we just keep coming back for more. Cruel, I tell you. We haven't seen Angel 4 and 5 yet, so I'm all in a tizzy over the end of 3 right now! Ryan just ordered us season 4 with his own money because he couldn't stand the suspense, which I am very glad for since I couldn't stand it either, but I just spent most of my money on my mp3 player. :))

I did something to my back - well, sort of my back. I have this pain in my lower back/hip/butt, and it hurts to walk, lift my leg, bend I'm a little worried about that. I took ibuprofen at 4 in the morning but it still hurts. I'm hoping it's just a stubborn pulled muscle of some sort, and not anything more complicated and insidious. I have a massage appointment tomorrow, so if it still hurts then maybe a massage will help fix it. Cross your fingers and hope it gets better for me, though.

I'm a shallow poster lately, please excuse me. I'll try to come up with better material soon. I'm just having a nice, shallow, lazy summer time, you know?


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