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The Snow, Glass, Apples oil and chapbook went live on BPAL last night, a bit early, and I was lucky enough to be sitting in front of my computer when it happened. As a Neil Gaiman fangirl and a Beth fangirl, I am totally excited. The proceeds go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the oil and chapbook come to ME ME MEEE for reading and sniffing and loving, so what could be better? In Neil's words, 'It smells like green apples and like sex and vampires, all at the same time. (Actually, it smells like sexy vampire apples.)' Kids, I get to smell like sexy vampire apples. And I get the BPAL collector's item of the year, also. (Except those lucky ComiCon people, who got the autographed chapbook.Oooooh.) Assuming that they didn't sell out before my 10pm order. :)

Now I need to replenish my Paypal account. Perhaps some miscellaneous decants can be sold off, even though everyone probably blew their money on the update last night. :P

I have vanilla hazelnut coffee, coconut cake and vegetarian sausage for breakfast this morning. The cake is leftover from the fabulous picnic Ryan and I had last night in Waterfront Park, to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. (7th! We are old happy married people now. :)) Life is good. :)
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The WGA strike is showing - our TiFaux (it's a TiVo, but not!) is not set to record much of anything for the next...unforeseen amount of time. I was reading EW's Best TV moments of 2007 and got a bit overly excited over this one, much like the writer did. In fact, I did a dramatic reading for Ryan, and got applause. ;)

"Remember the way she switched her gaze from Rory to Luke and the tone of the song changed completely and how that spoke volumes about her adult life? Remember when her voice kind of frogged a little when she got to the line ''I'm not what you ne-ee-ee-eed''? Remember when she looked like a darted deer at the end before scooting off the stage and how in the audience it looked like Liz Torres the actress and not Miss Patty the character had to clutch at her heart in disbelief? It was that powerful, people!(...)But see, she started off singing it to Rory! She was drunk and was using drunken jazz hands. And then — and then! — Luke walked in, and he was half smiling...and okay, in the light of day, after the wine has worn off, I see that maybe my enthusiasm might seem a little overwrought. But Graham's face was doing that vintage crumbly chin thing and she really can sing and Luke's jaw went all clenchy and she wishes him joy and happiness!"

In a season of not a lot of good, that was good. And as I look at my nearly empty TV recording queue I miss the good old days of the Gilmore Girls, when things were consistently enjoyable and you didn't want to throttle anybody so often. Maybe I need to do a mini-marathon of quality Gilmore Girls episodes, one of these days.

Speaking of that roundup of good TV moments...there were a surprising number of reality crapfests in there. It was disturbing. But, "A Dog Took My Face and Gave Me a Better Face to Change the World: The Celeste Cunningham Story" got a mention, so it's all good. ;)

In other linkage, I stumbled across these BSG propoganda posters via [Bad username or site: @], and Neil Gaiman blogged about BPAL. Specifically, he mentioned an as-yet-unreleased SNOW GLASS APPLES oil, which causes a person to smell like "sexy vampire apples", and I love "Snow Glass Apples", okay? Eeep!

Lastly, the Bad Baby Names Blog, where you will find such gems as:
"I REALLY like the name Raegan for a girl. It is VERY important to me that the middle name has Leigh in it somehow. Which sounds best??
1. Raegan Molleigh
2. Raegan Presleigh
3. Raegan Baileigh"


"Praline Cecelia?
I love the name Praline I am just not sure it sounds good with Cecilia. I need some opinions on whether it sounds good or some other first names that would go good with Cecilia. We also have 2 boys Kiefer and Ezwrin so we need another unique name."


And now I am off to work on a couple of SEKRIT PROJECTS, and then, depending on how generous I am feeling, I will go to the kids' vocal concert at school.
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Hi everybody! I have some BPAL to unload and I needs money for my Paypal account. So, I'm interested in selling these off, though I will happily swap for the items I listed below, under the cut. Shipping is free to my friendslist, yo. Comment if'n you are interested. Cool? Cool.

LE/unimpable impage for sale/swap: $3.50 unless otherwise noted
Knecht Rupert
The Organ Grinder
Dixie Love Perfume (TAL) ($5 or swap for other TAL)
Mama-ji ($5)

GC ($2.50, new)
Loup Garou

Stuff I am willing to swap for... )
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If'n you read my previous post and you're a curious BPALaholic in the making, I encourage you to check out this post by [Bad username or site: @], who has helpfully written a guide to Beginning BPAL.

My scent recommendations, especially for beginners to try when they don't know what they like? look back here! )
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OMG. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has put up a NEIL GAIMAN themed update, with perfume oils based on characters from "Anansi Boys" and "American Gods" - profits from which go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (which helps uphold 1st amendment rights for comic book writers/artists and others). It's like a fandom collision! My Paypal balance is not enough to fund the need, but I'm going to do my best. ;) Seriously folks, if you're Gaiman fans, or BPAL fans, or comic book fans, or even just fans of free speech and smelling good, check out the awesome. And spread the word. :)


Sep. 13th, 2006 09:29 pm
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So, a certain [Bad username or site: @] inspired me to post some BPAL imps (also known as samples). These are up for grabs, just pick one or two please. :)

Manila - A tropical, humid, lush scent, with a faint echo of Pacific breezes, jungle blossoms, and deep wet woods. Sampaguita blossoms, banana leaf, palm, and narra.

The Unicorn - A misty, almost luminous perfume: wispy linden blossoms, white flowers, and a touch of sweet herbs.

Shroud - Dry white sandalwood wrapped in thin woods, soft grasses and the lightest white flowers layered over cajeput and the warm, deep scent of embalming herbs.

Tweedledee - Ridiculous! Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom.

The Isles of Demons - Twin islands near Newfoundland, now lost, that were believed to be gateways to Hell. The scent is of wet, dark greenery, carnivorous flowers, volcanic gas, and the hot black musk of the demons and wild beasts that populated the islands. (On me, this smelled green and cleanly floral, not all swamp gassy like I thought. ;))

Baku - Dream Formula II: Our Nightmarebane.
Named after the Baku, benevolent Japanese spirits that eat nightmares. In Japanese tradition, nightmares are gifts from malevolent spirits; when you wake up from one, you may call, "Baku, please eat my dreams!", and if you are virtuous and merciful in spirit, the Baku will devour the evil, transforming it into a blessing of good fortune. ( I have a bottle of this one, this is the partially used imp that I got originally.)

Somnus - Dream Formula V. Named after the Roman God of Sleep. This blend helps bring on deep, restful, natural sleep. (I have a bottle of this, too.)

Penny Dreadful - Also called Gallows Literature. A dime novel rife with melodrama, horror, madness and cruelty; a ten cent analogy of vice and virtue in conflict. Soft perfume evocative of noir heroines over rich red grave loam.

Malice - A profound, complex scent that encapsulates the joy one finds in another,s pain. Ylang ylang, clove, Indonesian red patchouli, and dark myrrh.

Blood - A vital, bold scent, throbbing with sensuality. Essence of dragon,s blood resin, thickened with myrrh and cherry, with a trickle of clove.

Leave a comment if'n you're interested. I can help you choose if you want, too.

Bedtime for me, now.
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BPAL has an update today - Springtime in Arkham.

But how am I to choose? There is a freaking *library* oil! Okay, so it's technically a university but "the scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls" is pretty close, right? And what kind of library student would I be if I did not purchase this oil? (I'll just keep telling myself that. ;)) Oh, but I am also intrigued by the limited edition Mi-Go Brain Canister, because of all the fruit, and Kingsport, because it smells like the ocean. But I will not be buying three bottles, because that would do quite a number on my Paypal account. I have a terrible weakness when it comes to BPAL. Help! Damn you evil updates! Daaaamn yoooou!


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