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I am having a good time reading through the sign-ups page for the 100things challenge here. I love seeing what people are coming up with and I find it energizing to see people writing and being creative and...I guess it just gives my LJ-loving heart a little warm fuzzy. :) People are excited about

I'm still dithering about what to write about. Maybe I'll do a couple. :P (I have a poll up if you want to check some ticky boxes on the subject. ;))

I have so much enthusiasm for so many things, and I get all tied up in wanting to talk about all! the! things! that I don't actually write anything about anything. It's a problem. What actually makes it to type is always the every day and not so much the rest. And I'm also sort of seeking outlets everywhere, so I'm spread thin all over the internet and expressing myself a little bit in a ton of places, and I am left feeling like I'm a weak presence everywhere. So I guess I am intrigued by this project not only as a way to enliven a quiet journal(ing website), but also as a structure for myself. I don't know if it will actually work that way, but I'd like to try it. If I can ever make up my mind about it. :P

Here's the every day for you: Sophie and Ryan are upstairs playing and I am down here writing and searching for live music dates I can take Sophie to this year, and eating a fairly outrageously large amount of maple cotton candy from this morning's indoor farmers market (hey, it'll be maple asbestos soon if I don't consume it and also it is A MIRACLE OF NATURE AND SCIENCE). The music thing is inspired by the fact that a couple of friends and I were very close to taking our kids to a Gogol Bordello show this summer and only didn't buy tickets because the opening act would make the show start way too late. But now I have the itch, and I wish it was summer and we could go to live outdoor shows!

Ryan and Sophie are singing in unison upstairs now, and I think I might have to go hug them. :)

Oh, a PS for any Parks and Rec/icon people: I have no Parks icons! This is a crying shame. Any recommendations?
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Upon finding myself listening to Jesse McCartney's "Leavin'" on repeat (yes, I know that's probably socially unacceptable or something, but I am shameless!) I started thinking about all the songs with lyrics that might be described as...ridiculous? that I okay honestly really enjoy in a deep, primal-sweet-spot sort of way. ;) And then I made a teeny tiny playlist. Wanna see?

1. Jesse McCartney - "Leavin'" ("Girl that thing you got behind you is amazing" <-- What a classy and vague way of referring to HER ASS Jesse!)

2. Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way" (Oh the entire song is completely nonsensical! Really, look up the lyrics, they don't MEAN ANYTHING. I read an interview with the Backstreet Boys at one point that openly acknowledged this. But man it is still shamefully fun to sing along with all alone in your apartment Sample lyrics: "Tell me why/ain't nothin' but a heartache/ain't nothin' but a mistake/tell me why/I never want to hear you say/I want it that way" WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN)

3. Miley Cyrus - See You Again (Does anyone besides us want to sing Corey Hart along with this song? Because Ryan, Kelly and I really, really do.) <-- "The last time I freaked out/I just kept looking down/I stu-stu-stuttered when you ask me what I'm thinkin' 'bout/felt like I couldn't breathe/you ask what's wrong with me/my best friend Leslie said 'Oh she's just bein' Miley" HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT IT'S SO RIDICULOUS

4.Usher - Love In The Club (The part in question is Young Jeezy, though)"It’s going down on aisle 3/ I’ll bag you like some groceries/And every time you think about it you gon’ want some more of me/About to hit the club, make a movie yeah rated R" Okay here is what gets me about that last part - you're going to have sex in a club and the associated movie is only rated R? Do you always have sex with the sheets covering the naughty parts? Come now, Young Jeezy. Think it through! (The Remix Pt. 2 with Beyonce and Lil' Wayne technically makes the list for Lil' Wayne's creepy voice telling me he'll "make it juicy for" me and that is just about the most unappealing way to put it that he possibly could have picked. Yes, I know that line is in his single too, but that does not make it any less creepy-sounding, especially given OMG HIS VOICE.)

5.Nelly - My Place "Sit yourself down and take a seat" comes to mind, as does "I heard your friend told a friend who told a friend of mine that you was thinkin; that we should do it one more time/if this ain't the truth then hopefully it's not a lie/'cause I ain't got no issues with hittin' that another time", and, my personal favorite "'cause you make my life so convenient for me" - how touching! Really, this song is greatness. It has laughable lyrics, set to an oh-so-smooth slow jam. Is Nelly serious? Is he joking? Either way, it kinda wins.

These, of course, are just a few examples, and do not include such extremely laughable but not actually *likeable* lyrics as Fergie's being "up in the gym just working on my fitness/he's my witness" or the unspeakable song we shall not speak of. Things like that song are unspeakable because they are not awesomely bad, as Slate points out, they are just really, truly bad in a bad way. That is not what we're looking for here, ladies and gentlemen. So, what are your favorite awesomely bad songs with awesomely bad lyrics? I kind of want to make a CD with a clever name.

And lest you worry about my health sitting here in front of my computer blogging about lyrics to hippity hoppity, don't fret: Today I consigned some clothing, bought bread at the local bakery, returned books to the library, and in the process biked all over town. Now I am trying to wrestle all of our photos up onto Flickr, for backup, organization, and easier display. It's turning out to be quite a task, so I may be here a while. Those awesomely bad pop/hip-hop songs? Recommend them so I can listen as I wrestle!
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Kimberly wanted a poll. I provided a poll!

[Poll #1143860]

If you recommend a different one, keep in mind that I have a two piece suit already, I am looking for a one piece specifically. Though, if you find 2 pieces that will blow my mind, I'd be okay with you sharing that with me. ;) Also my personal feeling is that black or blue would be best with this particular suit, but Kimberly and I could not decide and decided to ask the masses. Tasha, your vote of "foxay body" is not specific enough. TELL ME MORE. :)

(08:09:00 PM) Me: we like a toned uterus!
(08:09:45 PM) Tasha: AND HOW
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Make me beautiful, friends list. (And forgive the series of hair-related posts. I cannot make my own decisions, after all!)

This be my current hair:

+1 behind the cut just because there is more pumpkin patch! )

And crappy pictures of past hair:



WTF IS WITH THE BLURRY SARAH. Well, see, I don't have anything else of this particular length, so work with it.

[Poll #1107115]
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I need to buy shoes. Shoes are expensive and difficult. I need a pair for the gym, and at least one pair for work. Something I can wear daily is what's extremely necessary, but I also need some not-so-daily cute shoes, because I don't have a lot in that department either. Please select your favorites from the list below, keeping in mind that I'm probably getting two pairs. I've included both the somewhat frivolous and the absolutely utilitarian. And I just spent an hour shopping for shoes.

So, everyone likes a poll, right? And I can't make my own decisions. Okay, that's a lie - I just prefer to post random polls.

[Poll #1049446]
I also need to shop for some clothes to wear to work, but the shoes part is so difficult that I can't do it right now!

EDIT: I can't edit polls, so please don't look at me funny for "appaling", the non-linky Tsubos, or for using the word "totally" like I have Tourette's and just can't stop.


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