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And it's not pretty.

Sophie's detailed results of her recent allergy testing arrived today. This post provides a little background about the numbers and stuff, but: last year, her peanut result was 51.9 - strongly positive. (The threshold for "100% likely to react if exposed" is 14.) This year, her result was 85.9. That is a number, when it comes to peanuts especially, that scares the crap out of me.

Eggs went up too, but they are not as dramatic either in increase or level. This year egg white was 27.9 and yolk is 11 (last year it was 18 something and 9). She's still nearly 100% likely to react if exposed, but odds are better with egg in terms of the severity of the reaction.

I used to say that if I could pick one, I hoped she'd outgrow egg. I totally take that back. Egg is something people don't understand as well, and eggs are harder, I think, to avoid. But egg is generally less likely to result in anaphylaxis. Peanuts are generally much more dangerous. And I read that news not too long ago about the 13 year old girl who died because she took one bite of a peanut butter rice krispie treat, by accident, and then spit it out, was given antihistamines and stuck with 3 Epi-pens and died anyway.

Screw making life easier, I just want Sophie to NOT DIE.

(I am grateful that we are as lucky as we are, in so many ways, with her. She is generally healthy and happy and doesn't face certain death or anything. But sometimes I still get really, really upset that she can be killed by a fucking peanut. Or a trace of a peanut. It could happen so easily, and I know that's true of car accidents and everything else but you know, it's a fucking peanut. It's nothing. It's like everyone around us carries bombs that might go off any minute.)

After the results came in the mail, Sophie noticed I was a bit snappy with her, and I decided to be honest. I said "I'm sorry, it's just that your allergy test results came and the numbers were higher this year, which means you're still very very allergic to peanuts and eggs. I'm just feeling a little bit sad about that." She said "You don't have to worry about it Mama, that's just how life is." Yes. And yet, little girl, and yet.
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I am going to write all this down for my own sanity, to sort it all out and to be able to find things later. I figure maybe someone will be interested, also, but if not, please scroll on by. :)

Things I have learned about allergy blood tests results, no thanks to the allergist: )
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The blood draw went well. We wandered through the health center for quite some time, and registering took forever, but then we met the phlebotomist. He was really nice and did a great job with Sophie. He did it all tourniquet-and-needle style, just like an adult! She was really brave and even watched him do the draw, and she only cried for a few seconds when he took the needle out. So, not traumatizing for either of us. We got ice cream after. :)

Now we wait two weeks for the results.
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Allergy testing is so stinking mysterious.

We did follow-up testing today. Sophie's skin tests were very positive for egg and peanut. The tree nut row only reacted a teensy bit at the almond test site, so that's mostly good. What we don't know is whether the skin tests are accurate (there's a 50% false positive rate) or how allergic she is if she is allergic (whether we're talking anaphylaxis or just exacerbating eczema or something).

So, now that we have been through the morning skin test ordeal (which Sophie handled like a champ), we have to go to the university health center this afternoon for a blood test. The blood test will give us a number, basically, indicating whether she is allergic and if so, whether it's a mild sensitivity or a full-blown killer allergy. And THEN, if the number is low or if she tests negative on the blood tests, the allergist will probably do a food challenge test in their office, where they feed her, for example, a muffin made with eggs and see what happens.

I am feeling badly about Sophie having to endure a blood test after being so great and patient about the skin tests this morning, but I guess I am vaguely hopeful that it will result in finding out something good. (What does a blood test look like for a 2 year old? Is it like the heel slice that they do to check lead levels? Or do they actually draw blood like they would for an adult? I feel faint considering that option, actually!)

So uh, wish us luck?
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I took Sophie to the allergist today.

Read all about it, if you happen to care! )


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