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Now that the app works more often than not (knock on wood) maybe I wil update more, huh?

Tomorrow we have allergy testing for Enoch. I don't know whether this is the best course of action but it's the one we chose - the alternative being treating him like he is not allergic and responding if he reacts. That is scary, but testing is its own kettle of fish and anyway, there is a feeling of fate hanging in the balance that makes me very nervous.

Sophie is sad for him that he has to get poked (skin testing didn't bother her at all as a baby but she finds it upsetting now). She says she would be happy if he has an allergy because then she wouldn't be the only one, and also she says she would feel jealous if he was able to eat eggs and nuts and she wasn't. That makes perfect sense of course, so I validated that and then we also talked about how when we love someone we want the best for them but jealous and lonely feelings also are okay things to feel and so on and so on...but basically, that conversation told me that anything that happens tomorrow is going to come with a good dose of Feelings.

Oh LJ, I am such a, um, inclement weather friend. App willing (because I am so often holding a baby) I will be back!
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