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Which I'm sure is no one, but whatever. :P

I finally get the prescription for clobetasol filled. The dermatologist prescribed it in liquid form, and told me to buy a pound jar of CeraVe (unscented cream) and mix it in to use it. I bought the stuff and got home and opened the box, and I read the patient info that comes with the clobetasol. And dude, that shit is scary. It's super potent, and in pregnant animals it caused various skeletal, palate and skull malformations at .02 times the human dose (in fetuses). Now I know I am bigger than a rabbit, and also that Raspberry already has a skull and palate and etc., but another risk is fetal growth restriction and that's still an issue, as well as the fact that pediatric patients are more likely to suffer various ill effects of corticosteroids when exposed (I don't know that he counts as pediatric before he's born, but...)

So I am due for a week off of steroids either this or next week. I will maybe take that week off and then sparingly try this stuff for next week (which will be week 35), but ugh. I am uncomfortable using it and also uncomfortable not using it (because they want me to close my skin and stop getting staph infections all the time, understandably). This past week was not bad, because I'm still using my still-scary-but-less-so steroid and antibiotics, so no staph and reasonably controlled eczema! But all that is about to change for the week. :/

I'm also seeing my pregnancy care providers this week, so I'll go over it with them as well and see if they can make me feel better about using it. And I'm trying to get a hold of an acupuncturist to try and get some appointments in soon, because hey, maybe it will help.

In non-skin was a jam-packed weekend and Sophie and I have been laying low today, despite still gorgeous weather, because we are kinda tired. :) We did the farmer's market, a sibling-to-be "class"/celebration, picnic at the waterfront, brief Echo visit, bike-riding practice for Sophie and a stop at the 10th anniversary party for American Flatbread. Phew. The part of me that feels too lazy to walk to the park or something this afternoon is fighting with the part of me that's all IT'S BEAUTIFUL OUT OKAY THE SUN IS HOT BUT SO WHAT. We will see who wins.
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