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I am re-watching Veronica Mars in preparation for the movie (!!!!!!) which probably isn't coming anywhere super close to us in an actual theater but THANK GOODNESS for same-day VOD release (and I think we backed it at a level where we get any electronic copy anyway). It is re-fanning the flames of my fandom and I am all excited. But I just finished S2 and I have AN ENTIRE SEASON to get through before 3/14. A tall order, perhaps, but I am motivated. ;)

I think maybe LJ fandom is too scattered to the winds nowadays to really squee about this with me, but hey, I may go seek some of you marshmallows out. I miss the days of gifs and icons and post-episode exclamation point parties, you know? Over any show, really, even in my ripe old age. ;)

Speaking of squealing with joy: last night I went out with Kelly and Peter for something I have been craving for weeks to months, and.... oh drunken noodle, you were everything I have literally been dreaming of. If I could take my kiddo for Thai food or eat it around her safely (too many peanuts, sadly), I would totally be hitting the drunken noodle hard all the time. In the meantime, I put away an entire vegan makimono platter by myself last weekend after Erin's blessingway. MMMM. We have reached the happy catching-up period in terms of eating food. Heck yes.
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