Sep. 2nd, 2014

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It's 1 in the morning and I'm using my phone to keep me awake while Enoch digests a bit He has reflux, so even though he actually likes to sleep, sleep for us is hard because he can't really lie down, especially not within 30-60 minutes of nursing. And, nursing helps him feel a bit better so he nurses a lot. We aren't medicating yet because his doctor says it's probably a physiological development issue and not really about need to lower his acid production, and everything I'm reading suggests other interventions - like enduring the whole upright thing - are best in the long run. So, here I sit. It's not fun and I'm really tired, but this is still so much easier than it was with Sophie. Partly because he is different and probably mostly because we are. It's not scary to me this time - daunting, yes, but not scary - and we have a pretty good system worked out wherein we each take him for a few hours each night do the other can get a bit if decent sleep in chunks. Autocorrect thought I meant "take gin", which may also help. ;)

He's a month old. It seems both incredibly fast and like he's been here forever. The library books we checked out the morning if the day he was born are overdue. Heh. :) it is a different, and beautiful, world for us.

I can't actually see what I'm typing all that well so forgive wacky autocorrect issues. I think we can lie down now, so in going to try!

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