Apr. 6th, 2014


Apr. 6th, 2014 11:17 am
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So, I have PUPPP. (It's a harmless but ITCHY rash that affects some pregnant people. Better than the obstetric cholestasis they thought I had before I developed the rash!) It has not been fun. I am finding some relief in taking two showers a day with pine tar soap, followed by extremely thorough moisturization and then spending as much time as I can letting the oil soak in before putting on the softest clothes I can find, but it is still itchy and I am Not Happy that I will likely have it in some form until after baby is born. I'm still trying things. I ordered a PUPPP relief oil blend from some aromatherapist/massage therapist in New Zealand yesterday, because people said it helped them and like HEY WORTH A TRY. I have some steroids from the dermatologist that I am trying to use minimally (they aren't a practical solution anyway, because you can't put it all over your body), and they offered me UV light therapy which I am considering, but also considering just trying getting more sun as that becomes an option. So, ugh, itch. At times, I feel like a lot of my brain function is dedicated to it. Here's hoping it gets better.

(I held my friend's 3 week old baby the other day for a little bit. I swear I was less itchy for hours after. Do you think it's some miraculous hormonal shifting treatment for PUPPP? She's offered me daily doses if I want. ;))


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